My Works and Connections with Cetaceans

Today I came to talk to you about a subject that excites me a lot. The connection with cetaceans, the Beloved Whales and Dolphins. I’ve always had a huge connection with the sea, I’m a Piscean, and everything related to the Mystery, with the depths of our Being and Life delights me. But 4 years […]

Mensagem Final de Ano 2022 e Preparação para 2023 (English Below)

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Amados, Acabamos de passar por 2 grandes portais, 12/12 e 21/12, que nos auxiliam a equilibrar nossas polaridades, soltar mais da velha energia para dar espaço para nova e nos centrar na unidade da alma. Foi uma grande preparação para o que está por vir. No próximo ano, pelo calendário Gregoriano, iremos viver um Ano […]

Love and the Temple of Telos

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Hello dear Readers, Today is 12/02/22, Valentine’s Day in Brazil, the eve of the Celebration of Saint Anthony, known as the Matchmaker Saint, so in Brazil we celebrate in June instead of February. Taking advantage of this date, I would like to bring a reflection. Many of the distortions that we experience in the search […]

PORTAL 06-06-06

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Today we are passing through yet another portal of light. When consciously searching for portals, they become a beautiful gift of reflection and transformation. Because we surrender to this moment and we have the opportunity not to reflect and attend to our heart, but to nourish ourselves from the energy that is overflowing on this […]


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According to the Ancestral prophecies, when the Earth entered the process of enlightenment, children from the Stars would arrive on Earth, to accelerate the evolution of Mother Gaia and all the beings that inhabit here, Lee Carroll – Kryon dedicated a book only to the essence of these children in the Indigo child book, and […]

The Rainbow Warriors

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Dear sisters and brothers. In the past year I have received many connections and intuitive messages about rainbow energy. I ended up connecting with a legend, prophesied by several indigenous tribes that talk about a time when the Earth would be dying, almost destroyed, when what they called the “Rainbow Tribe”, people of all cultures […]

The chakras of Gaia

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Just like us, Gaia has her center of strength (chakras) that work the balance of the Earth and her beings. Earth chakras are energy charged places that help keep the planet and all life in balance, where these vortices hold feminine, masculine and neutral energy. There are recognized around 150 chakras spread across our beautiful […]

The Original Thirteen Mothers – Clan of the Turtle

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Hello beautiful brothers and sisters 🌷🌈 As I wrote in the last post about the rainbow warriors, this month I was feeling in my heart to tell you about the shamanic legend I learned from Mirella Faur and Jamie Sams, about the clan of the Original Thirteen Mothers, who teach us the power of the […]

A Different Easter

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My family has always been very spiritual, so in addition to the concept of giving Easter eggs, there was always a lot of talk about the real reason for Easter, about Jesus, crucifixion and his rebirth. I was always curious about his life and everything that was part of spirituality, science and mystical world. I […]

Cosmic Rays

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Each human being comes with his designated cosmic ray, that is, each person has his mission, his gifts and abilities directed to specific paths on Earth. The calculation of the radius of your mission is obtained in a very simple way: It uses the date of birth, therefore, it is the sum of the day, […]