Workshop for Reiki Masters: Reiki for Children

3-hour workshop to prepare Masters in Usui Reiki, to teach Reiki classes for children live online + recorded online classes

All material to teach classes included.

Reiki Course for Children, promotes general well-being, calms fears and anxieties, brings more self-confidence, better management of both inner and outer conflicts, strengthens the immune system, regulates sleep cycles, helps control enuresis At night, the child becomes more focused and concentrated, stimulates their creativity, less aggressiveness, in case of hyperactive children it helps them to calm down (Reiki does not replace medical treatment but enhances it).

USD 44,00

Course time: Online live or face-to-face 3 hours + hours online video theory and practice. Online and in person. Classes + Monitoring + Practices.

Material provided to the student for the course: Handout and certificate in PDF.

Extra material to have during the course: Pendulum, notebook, pen, diary, water bottle and food.

Material to work on after the course: Stretcher or Yoga mat, blanket, pillow, Reiki journal.

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki 1, 2 and 3A and 3B

Practices before the course: week before the course, eat light foods, drink plenty of water, meditate.

Later practices: 21 days of Reiki practice and monitoring

Entity linked to the course: Course registered with Reiki International and MYIICT and Abrath.

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