Rainbow Flower

Integrated Quantum Therapies

integrated quantum therapies

Course created by Luciana, integrating more than 21 techniques to help students in Basic to Intermediate level to reach more advanced levels as Holistic Therapy.

If you want to start working or teaching in the holistic field, this course is your gateway to go from zero to advanced in the main holistic therapeutic techniques.

This course is intended to bring together several modalities that cover foundational teaching to understandings of new age energetic works being the basis of new studies every month of the Rainbow Flower Academy Mystery Studies.

After this immersion, you will be able to work with more advanced techniques and use all this knowledge to add and enrich your services or classes even more.

Techniques addressed:

The Seven Realms of Existence According to the Vedas
The Universal Laws KAIBALION (Law of Karma without distortion)
The Elements / Alchemical Elements
The Multidimensional Being – Monads, Fractals and Dimensions
Auric Field / Aura Reading
DNA and Morphogenetic Field
The Grids of the Earth
Bonus Module – Akashic Reading
How to develop your Psychic Abilities
Power of Flowers and Herbs
sacred geometry
Crystal Grades
Introduction to Egregores
Mentalistic Dowsing
Integration of Techniques
Pendulum Workshop
Bonus – The Holistic Therapist and Abundance.

USD 333,00

Course time: Recorded Online Classes + mentorships.

Material provided to the student for the course: Workbook, materials and PDF certificate

Extra material to have during the course: Pendulum, notebook, pen and diary, water bottle and food.

Material to work on after the course:

Prerequisite: none

Practices before the course: Week before the course, eat light foods, drink plenty of water, meditate.

Entity linked to the course: Course registered with Reiki and MYIICT and Abrath.


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