A Different Easter

My family has always been very spiritual, so in addition to the concept of giving Easter eggs, there was always a lot of talk about the real reason for Easter, about Jesus, crucifixion and his rebirth.

I was always curious about his life and everything that was part of spirituality, science and mystical world. I studied, in addition to traditional studies, the reading of Theosophy about this event, Essenes, Jews, White Brotherhood…

I never really liked Holy Week because it put too much emphasis on the crucifixion of Christ, rather than all the deeds and love he brought during his life, so I ignored and reflected on the previous days, and already jumped straight to the day of rebirth.

I thought that with so many beautiful things to say about him, every year remembering such a great evil that we did to an angel of so much light that came to bring us the true meaning of love and of Father/Mother God, and we focused on that depressing moment every year . I also couldn’t see him as the Lamb of God, because that also went against what he taught, that God was love, and he never asked for animal sacrifices or sacrifices of any kind to please him and I questioned myself about it.

I believed that Jesus was a Messiah, sent from God, to show that God was pure love, that the way we lived at that time and worshiped God was totally wrong, and due to attachments to old practices, he suffered because of our ignorance, and even knowing that we were going to do this with him, he followed firm and strong in his mission of love.

He had a lot of affection for Mary, Mary Magdalene, and from an early age he questioned the wrong way they represented the female figure at this time, and he felt that women had a very important role in his trajectory, even the traditional Church hiding it.

Time passed, changes were made, Mary Magdalene was recognized as the Apostle of the Apostles in the church, visions about Mary and Joseph changed and much more was revealed about this time that had such an impact to this day, and it also called my attention that 2000 years had passed and the institutions that called themselves Christian were still contrary to everything that Jesus preached in his earthly life, love, A loving and compassionate Father God, Equality between men and women, The erroneous dogmas and customs, The compassion, absolute Faith and healing, among many other teachings.

Until in 2007 I became aware of the letters of Christ, I started to study them but stopped for some reason.

This year, when I arrived in Brazil in February, I felt very strong to go back to studying the Enigmatic figure of Maria Magdalena, and that led me to study the cards again soon after.

I went straight into these studies, and I realized that I was approaching Lent, and that on the 12/01th I had gone to Uluru, in the Australian desert to connect and help anchor the Christic energy, entering through the solar plexus of the planet, which would bring a great healing of our ego, fears, hurts and everything that still held us in a conditioned Ego, depriving us of vibrating in who we really are, pure expressions of God living on Earth. And as we are all seeing, this whole field of wars, fears, judgments is undergoing a great world transformation.

It helped me a lot to be reading the letters to keep me in the energy of Love, because now more than ever, the work we came to do on this beautiful blue planet is becoming extremely necessary, given that the vibration of fear ravages the 4 corners of the Earth. globe.

And during all this time I received many insights that made sense when I received messages from other brothers of light, who were saying the same thing about this great transformation and to trust, keeping us in the energy of love.

As soon as I managed to catch the plane to go home, where I unfolded it during the end of the flight and didn’t come back until the plane had landed. I received many new insights into what was going on and asking to trust and help everyone around me to stay in love. When I arrived at the airport, I got the news that I would have to stay 14 days in a hotel in quarantine, I came to a hotel in Melbourne and I realized that I would leave exactly on Easter day.

I followed my studies and came across in the letters everything I felt about the divine Father / Mother Presence, the life of Jesus and his teachings of pure, pure love, and where he said that he preferred that we focus on his crucifixion, but on his message . In remembering that when we connect with the Universal energy, with the Father/Mother/Life God, we receive all the nutrition we need, to live with fullness, receiving what we need and seeing the circumstances of life with a greater awareness and not based on our ego. Each letter was a confirmation of the way I felt inside my heart about our relationship with God.

I finished the entire study 2 days before Easter, and despite being locked in a hotel for days, all I don’t feel is alone, let alone sad, for spending Easter in such a different way.

I will leave the Hotel on Easter Sunday, exactly 3 months of the unique experience I had at Uluru, and the feeling I have and that it will be a rebirth for me and for many that I have talked to. May this Sunday be a beautiful awakening, a reconnection with our inner light, reconnected with our I Am presence, and we can finally express God on Earth, with lightness, much love and joy of a child.

May compassion spread to the 4 corners of Gaia and expand the Consciousness of the entire Planet, so that all that is happening, is a great awakening to the New Age of light and the construction of Paradise on Earth, which begins from the heart of each one.

Happy Easter.



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