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Tameana and Pleiadian techniques is a vibrational therapy that works with the emotional and physical side, helping the body to release stress and blocks and to put the body frequency in tune with the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

The technique works with quartz crystals, sacred geometry and symbols that activate and transmit frequencies that aim to restore the vibrational state of the person and restructure the DNA on a physical level.

The Pleiadian Tameana technique promotes:

  • Raising the body frequency;
  • Releasing old emotions;
  • Unblocking limiting patterns and beliefs;
  • Tuning and harmonizing the human energy body
  • to the Earth’s electromagnetic field;
  • Activating spiritual DNA;
  • Aligning the Chakras;

A session is able to bring many benefits to both the receiver and the practitioner.

Description of the levels


In this level we will work with the crystals in a triangular structure, bringing the activation codes of frequencies. The practice consists of a simple structure of work, but with an enormous capacity to condense large amounts of energy and to direct them with precision according to the vibrational scale with which we will work.Through the practice we can analyze how a vibrational structure is composed and how to modify it.


In this level, the body becomes the channel for the energy to flow. We work with a hexagonal structure, learning to project the body to different places, tuning in with the frequency. The teaching is given by initiations so that the heart opens to consciousness and understanding, and the connection with Pleiadian energy can develop.

– LEVEL 3 – PŪJÃ (Awakening Practice)

In Pūjã, practitioners are prepared so that they can work with large groups of people. The practice revolves around two important points: remove or eliminate influences and overcome the pains of life, to be able to deepen into a spiritual experience, and the magnetization or attraction of favorable and desirable circumstances for our existence. In the Personal Step (self-application), the transmission process of the Pleiadians is done from light frequencies, expressed in words and tangible vibration.The frequencies, vibrations and geometry that emerge from this form of message (language of light) are received and understood by our heart, making the translation directly to consciousness.These light energies are activated in the form of vibrational initiations so that we can be born in ourselves within these energies, working fully with them and using them for our own awakening process.


COMPLEMENTS: H ́AMA (self-application and environments) & Tameana at a distance.


Children, essences, Origins and Lanaj Tahi, are not considered part of Tameana, as they were channeled before, but they work in a complementary way to the Tameana, bringing more depth to treatment.


Bringing to the system the use of Japamala and sacred sound instruments.

– Study of Free Symbols and all updates brought byJuan Manuel Giordano the Channeler of the techniques. 

AUD 555

  • Course duration: 12 hours of live online or in-person classes plus theoretical and practical recorded online classes (total 72 hours)
  • Material supplied to the student for the course: PDF booklets and certificates.
  • Extra material to have during the course: 8 clear quartz point crystals with heights between 4-5 cm and 1 bigger than the rest to be the Master Crystal. Hexagonal bases. 1 Japamala, 1 Tibetan bowl, 1 pendulum, 1 cloth doll for distance healing. 1 candle holder, 6 clear glass cups, essence Bottles with dropper, a candle diffuser, 1 small Amethyst cross, 1 small tourmaline. Complete and necessary online materials for the classes such as the official booklets and symbols to cut out and use in practices; a kit of 6 quartz crystals. Water bottle, pen and notebook, plus diary. 
  • Material to work with after the course: Yoga mat, pillow and blanket.
  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Practices prior to the course: Drinking plenty of water, practising meditation, eating light food.
  • Post-practices: Practising all levels.
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