Ceremonial Rituals, Retreats and Purposeful Journeys

At the Rainbow Flower Academy, in addition to courses, Sacred Circles, workshops and studies of important books for the Awakening of the New Golden Age of Humanity, we also work with purposeful travel and ceremonies.

The founder Luciana Tworkoski has training in ceremonies and rituals of Blessings, Baptisms, Rituals of Sacred Feminine, Weddings and Rite of Passage.We offer Sacred Cacao ceremonies, with the aim of awakening our Sovereignty and power of the Heart through this powerful tool of illumination.

There are also ceremonies, Rituals and Retreats on Natural Sacred dates, such as Portals, Solstices, Equinoxes, Lunations, Day of the Time, either online or in person, to help everyone nourish and illuminate on the true natural holidays, so that we can increasingly live in unity with nature and Natural Time, uniting our Humanity and Divinity, and awakening the God and Goddess who dwells in us and thus also work together in love and service to humanity and Mother Earth. The retreats, ceremonies and rituals can be for women only, mixed, mothers with children or including the whole family.

Other important work of the Academy are the retreats and purposeful travels. Luciana Tworkoski brings the mission to those who feel the call to join these trips, to work for Mother Earth in Sacred places where she is called to lead work groups. Within these works we travel to Sacred places inside and outside Australia, to perform ceremonies and light work.

Annually during Springtime in the Southern Hemisphere, trips take place to tune in with the Essence of Unconditional Love and profound healing awakening your Christic Heart and Ascension path, with Light Codes of the Whales, in the Region of Harvey Bay, Whales Route – SC – Brazil and Azores – Portugal.

We also organize retreats for mothers and children with the purpose of nurturing the mothers and integrating our children into the practices of the New era, and preparing the families who receive our beloved Star children, as the African Proverb says, it takes a Whole Village to raise a child, the retreats have the intention to create these villages again and community support.

Baptisms AUS 144
Weddings AUS 444
Mother’s Blessings Before Natural or Home Birth AUS 333
Closing of Birth Ritual AUS 188
Including Cacao Ceremony USD 10 Extra per person

For other rites of passage, inquire by email contact@rainbowfloweracademy.com
For Retreat and Ceremony prices, check out the events page on the www.rainbowfloweracademy.com website

*If the ritual is for more than 15 people, it is important to have an extra person to accompany, value of the extra person USD 111,
** In events I set up the altar, music and flower crown.
*** Each ritual is personalized and discussed to be in energetic resonance and harmony with those involved.