Rainbow Flower Enlightening Meetings

Group Multidimensional Treatment meetings and for the practical application of studied techniques, for cleansing, harmonizing, balancing polarities and for the wellbeing of the group with the use of Stellar Techniques, Sound Healing, Sacred Geometry to accelerate our enlightenment processes and ascension, so we can align our frequencies with the Earth’s new vibration and leave the old energy behind with love and awareness.

Galactic Multidimensional Technology techniques that require very little treatment time, 15 minutes of staying in the chambers is already capable of making miracles in your energy, imagine working in a group for 1 hour, the power of light that will be.

With the permission of your Higher Self, we will be working with your light team and also with Arcturians, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Sirians, White Brotherhood, Pink Brotherhood of Orion, Syrian Archangelic League and Dolphins, Whale Collective and more.In addition to work with Luciana Tworkoski, occasionally guests will share their knowledge and practices in a group, to present their beautiful works and missions.

If you feel the call, join us in our online, in-person or hybrid (online and in-person simultaneously) meetings to nourish each other. Outdoor meetings and in spaces Affiliated with the Rainbow Flower Academy.

AUD 25

Meetings duration: 1.5 to 2 hours Online Live, In-person and Hybrid.

Pre-Requisite: None;

What to bring: Blanket, cushion, Yoga mat, Notebook or Diary, bottle of Water and snacks;

Entity to which the School is affiliated: ABRATH International and MYIICTIS.