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Practical Study Workshop

21 Techniques of Mikao Usui

This 3-hour workshop focuses on practical study of the 21 techniques used by Mikao Usui in Usui Reiki, either online or in-person + recorded online classes + mentorship.
The 21 Techniques Workshop of Traditional Japanese Milkao Usui Reiki is tailored for Usui Reiki Masters to deepen their practices. In this workshop, we will study all of Mikao Usui’s practices and how to integrate them into our individual, group, and remote sessions. These are very powerful techniques that are often not taught in Reiki courses and are part of the foundation of Mikao Usui’s teachings in life.

AUD 88

  • Course duration: Live-online or in-person 3 hours plus online theory video hours plus practical mentorship (15 hours in total).
  • Material provided to the student for the course: An e-book and a PDF certificate.
  • Additional material to have during the course: A pendulum, a notebook, a pen, a journal, a water bottle, and food.Material to work with after the course: A yoga mat or blanket, a pillow, a Reiki journal.
  • Prerequisite: Usui Reiki I, II and III A and III B.
  • Practices prior to the course: The week before the course, eating light meals, drinking plenty of water, meditating.
  • Post-course practices: 21 days of Reiki practice and mentorship.
  • Entity associated with the course: Course registered with REIKI INTERNATIONAL, MYIICT, and ABRATH INTERNATIONAL.
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