Shamanic Reiki Ma’heo’o

Masters Course

Ma’Heo’ translates to Great Spirit, Great One or God. The word Ma’Heo’o is Cheyenne, a Native-North American language. This energy system works with a combination of Earth, Air, Water and Fire elements with the Great Spirit to activate and promote healing in various situations. It is a simple but powerful system that can be used by anyone. Ma’Heo’ works with 6 symbols. The first four represent the elements and allow for connection with the energy of GÉA – Mother Earth. When combined and activated by the Great Spirit, it becomes a very powerful system that allows for great energy channeling ability, the use of colours and lights to EXPAND CONSCIOUSNESS AND HARMONISE BEINGS, and grounding of Higher Intelligence, which promotes calm, peace and relaxation. 

This system combines the subtlety of Reiki with the force of the Earth elements.

Ma’Heo’o Reiki will lead you to connecting with your Totems, learning your sacred name, your power animal, and balancing your body with the 5 elements of Earth. There are 3 Attunements in Ma’Heo’o Reiki. The first two enable and enhance your connection and perception of the elements through Mother Earth. The symbols not only allow for harmony with the elements, but also allow for harmony between the elements and human condition. The third is the initiation of the Master which connects you to the Great Spirit, and enables you to work with the Power of Earth and of Spirit to enlighten and bring BALANCE. Ma’Heo’o Reiki is a type of Reiki which is not exclusively based on Tibetan or Indian techniques, but in an approach based on the healing practices of GÉA – Mother Earth. Ma’Heo’o is a complete system in itself, but is comparable to Traditional Reiki in the fact that both systems use symbols and specific techniques, such as the laying on of hands. Both also use energetic attunements as the channel for energy to flow from the Master to the Disciple. Reiki in Japan is a generic term used to describe many types of healing and spiritual work.

It’s not exclusive to the Usui system. In Ma’Heo’o Reiki, the name ‘Reiki’ is used to refer to a Shamanic Spiritual Healing system based on techniques centred on Mother Earth to bring everyone Divine Realisation. Ma’Heo’o is based on techniques that promote Deep Healing and potentiate the flow of energy through all Beings. These techniques will enable you to become ONE with Mother Earth and Great Spirit. In this Manual you will learn about the history of Healing, Native Spirituality and how to properly control the Flow of Energy through your Body. This system enables you to treat all living beings: humans, animals, plants, water, insects, environment, universe, etc.

At Masters Level: You will more deeply attune to all the symbols, use of shamanic tools in the Reiki works, the 7 Sacred Initiations and Medicine Wheel in group and how to start.


AUD 222

Course Duration: Online Live or In-person 3 hours + video online theory hours + practical mentorship (Total 32 hours)

Material provided to the student for the course: Handbook and Certificate in PDF.

Additional material to have during course: Pendulum, notebook, pen, and a diary, water bottle and snacks.

Material to work with after the course: Yoga mat or blanket, pillow, Reiki Journal, drum, Shamanic Pipe, Maraca, Herbs.

Prerequisite: Must have been initiated in Levels I & II at least 30 days prior.

Practices prior to the course: Week prior to the course eating light meals, drinking plenty of water, meditating.

Practices after the course: 21 days of Reiki practice and mentorship.

Affiliated Entity to the course: Course registered with REIKI INTERNATIONAL MYIICT and Abrath.

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