The Original Thirteen Mothers – Clan of the Turtle

Hello beautiful brothers and sisters 🌷🌈

As I wrote in the last post about the rainbow warriors, this month I was feeling in my heart to tell you about the shamanic legend I learned from Mirella Faur and Jamie Sams, about the clan of the Original Thirteen Mothers, who teach us the power of the sacred sacred to help rebalance our mother Gaia.

“It is said in this legend that thousands of years ago the Earth was paradise itself. Human beings lived in peace and in balance with all other beings of creation in abundance. There was respect between men and women and between different peoples and tribes.

However, even living in full harmony, emerged, from no one knows where, a small seed of greed planted in the hearts of the human tribe. This seed germinated when men began to take gold from the womb of the earth, as they believed that gold was the materialized light of Father Sun himself and whoever had more gold would dominate others.

The desire for power and domination dominated humans. There was no longer harmony between the five races. Men initiated acts of violence against others, against animals, trees. Entire forests were burned, poisoned as with water, until the Earth was completely destroyed, consumed by fire. But this destruction also brought purification, and for a new humanity capable of being reborn and regaining lost balance, Mother Earth bestowed love, forgiveness and compassion, protected in the hearts of women.

Thus, during the one-year cycle, 13 aspects of Mother Earth’s wisdom opening were brought into the visible world with the help of Grandmother Moon. With each full moon, a silver light from Grandmother Moon wove its threads and materialized a woman, mother of a clan. Each of them had a particular knowledge, a special teaching to be transmitted to the sons and daughters of Earth. They created a sisterhood that worked very hard to give women back the strength of love and compassion. The House of Turtles, as the council of the Mothers of the Clans was called, shares its wisdom for the healing of the Earth, the soul of women and the restoration of balance between all beings. “

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So, like the legend of the rainbow warriors, when we are all united in love and compassion, aligned with the unconditional love of the sacred feminine, we can bring balance back to mother earth and all of humanity.

May we all share the love and reconnect with the Goddess within each of us, remember that we are all divine.

With love ,