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Emerald Resonance is an energetic and physical treatment protocol aimed at people and animals that is operationalized through the manipulation of a psionic plate called Emerald Resonance Table.

This protocol, which uses the energy of crystals and dragons, intervenes in physical treatment by accelerating or reducing the manifestation of symptoms, through the information provided to the body’s cells. However, it does not dispense with intervention through conventional means whenever they are justified.

When applying this protocol, the therapist can complement the procedures using other techniques they have.

Regardless of the procedures adopted, at the end of the treatment, the patient will receive an acetate indicative of the intervened areas and a crystal that he must place in the water he will drink to complete the treatment, thus transmitting indications to the cells of his body of the energetically operated cure.


Provide each participant with the knowledge of an integrated healing therapeutic technique based on the healing and nourishing vibratory essence of the Emerald Flame, Gaia and the Green Heart of the Earth and the energy of the Green Ray. Apply other skills you have in an integrated way to complete the various healing phases.

Program Presentation

  • Basic concepts
  • Metaphysics of Health
  • DNA and the Healing of Humanity
  • Akash and Akashic Records
  • Dimensions, Portals and Energy Vortices
  • Consciousness Frequencies
  • Lemuria, Atlantis and the Temples of Healing
  • Intraterrestrial Planetary Centers
  • Emerald Green Octahedrons
  • Crystals – Accessions and Treatment Techniques
  • Dragons
  • Water – Healing Conductor
  • Emerald Green Undines
  • Operationalization
  • Other Healing Techniques
  • Anchoring
  • The Elements of the Table
  • Protocol service
  • Practice


Therapists and / or health professionals with knowledge of energy therapies and / or strong connection to the emerald ray of healing, crystals, dragons, and memories of Lemurian and Atlantean healing temples.

PRICE: AUD 444,00

  • Course duration: Live online or face-to-face 6 to 8 hours + hours of online video theory + practical mentoring. (Total 72 hours)
  • Material provided to the student for the course: A3 format board (laminated, canvas or PVC), color matrix, transparencies, manual and PDF certificate.
  • Extra material to have during the course: Pendulum, Crystals, notebook, pen, a diary, bottle of water and food + Bonus Workshop Materials.
  • Material to work on after the course: Materials that will be discussed in the course.
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Practices before the course: week before the course, eat light food, drink plenty of water, meditate.
  • Later practices: Practices and Mentorships
  • Entity linked to the course: Course registered with MYIICT and ABRATH INTERNATIONAL.
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