Love and the Temple of Telos

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Hello dear Readers,

Today is 12/02/22, Valentine’s Day in Brazil, the eve of the Celebration of Saint Anthony, known as the Matchmaker Saint, so in Brazil we celebrate in June instead of February.

Taking advantage of this date, I would like to bring a reflection. Many of the distortions that we experience in the search for a loving relationship, or within our existing relationships, come from living our relationships based on duality and not on unconditional love, in unity.

For example, we offer dedication and affection to the other, which we do not offer to ourselves, we often have more patience with others and little with ourselves, or we relate to someone thinking that they will fill the void that feelings, and he remains there after be in a relationship,

We focus on sympathies, techniques of attraction based on the external, and we forget that the secret to a healthy relationship with yourself and with everything around us is closer than we thought, it is very close… in our heart. Our heart is the compass of our own experience, it has the solution for every challenge we experience, it is to return to our Sacred essence, to the purest love, the driving force of all creation. Before we think about living a dream relationship, have you tried to have this relationship with yourself? To love your company? To have a date with yourself and give yourself all the love and affection you seek in the external?

Below is an excerpt from the Telos book with beautiful guidance and suggestion to practice Unconditional Love in all aspects of your life:

“Seek the love you long for first within yourself, in every cell and electron of your heart and soul. Start developing first

a relationship in the unity consciousness within you. it’s all there waiting for your attention. Your divine counterpart lives within you. O relationship you seek is nothing more than the reflex of yours direct relationship with your own Divine Self. When you learn to love yourself in all aspects of your essence, in all aspects of your divinity, in all aspects of your human experience, then this divine love for the Self becomes the ruler of your heart and your life, and you will look nowhere else. you will know that found it, and in fact, no matter what form it takes, your heart will feel full and completely satisfied.

At this stage of development of your spiritual life, the mirror, or the reflex of perfect love for the Self, will manifest itself tangibly in your life. This is the divine law that will not fail you. If that still doesn’t work manifested in your life, you are not ready for it, or in the plans internals you chose to wait. Then it will show itself in divine time, and any waiting period will not matter as you will have joined in your heart with the object of your yearning and love. When you reach this state of

divine love in your heart, nothing can be withheld from you, not even your twin flame. In the name of divine love, may I suggest that you start looking for the your beloved within your Self? This is the fastest way to join with the your twin flame. You don’t need to place ads in the newspaper or visit a singles club. He or she will literally fall into your lap – and you won’t

you can avoid this. May you pass through all your trials in the embrace of divine love! IT IS

It is a pleasure to invite you to my temple in the evening, where I teach who wants to reunite with their twin flame. I’m not offering to become a matchmaker, as you say. we are willing to help you reconnect with that wonderful aspect of Self that you abandoned long ago, the aspect that magnetically attracts your beloved and everything else he wants for you. We won’t magnetize your loved by you, – but we will show you how to accomplish this for yourself. We will teach the true meaning of “Divine Union”.

Before bed, ask your guides to take you to the Temple of the Union to participate in our classes. My fellow teachers and I will be there to receive it. I promise we will have a delicious time together. If you don’t remember your journeys with us, don’t worry. Such as nament the veils, many more of you will eventually open the memory of your many delicious night adventures. I am Ahnahmar, the guardian of the Temple of Union and the Eternal Flame

of Immortal Love. Excerpt Book Telos 1 – Aurelia Jones – Chapter 8. “

How about asking to visit the Temple of the Union that night or in meditation? May we be the love we seek and it reverberates to the whole world and the universe. Good Journey.

With love,

Luciana Tworkoski