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Arcturian Healing Chambers

Master Course

The Arcturian healing chambers are a complete set of Multidimensional Therapy techniques for energy cleaning, polarity balancing, increasing the overall vibrational frequency, harmonising and individual well-being or for groups.

It can be used for both self-treatment and professional use. All of the material is a compilation of the techniques taught in the set of Joshua Stone’s books.In this course which will be taught in a hybrid form (live and recorded), you will learn 65 different commands and various protocols such as Energetic Rejuvenation Protocols, for Syndromes, Akashic Reading…for energy balance in the 4 bodies and beyond. 

A Galactic multi-dimensional technology that requires very little treatment time, 15 minutes in the chambers is already capable of performing wonders in your energy. 

The Chambers are galactic technologies that transport our Multidimensional essence into them, so that we can receive all treatments compatible with our needs. The Keys and Machines are the beloved Beings that come to us to perform all of the treatment.

They are 65 different commands, divided into: 11 Arcturian Chambers, 20 Golden Keys, 14 Stellar Machines, 20 Treatment Chambers Arcturians, Stellar Beings and Archangel Orders.

In addition to the Arcturians, we work with other Light Brotherhoods with the permission of your Divine Presence: Arcturians, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Sirians, White Brotherhood, Pink Brotherhood of Orion, Syrian Archangelic League and Dolphins…

This technology has really come to accelerate our processes of enlightenment and Ascension, so that we can adjust our frequencies to the New Vibration of the Earth and leave behind with love and awareness the old Energy.

Some benefits:

Fear Removal Program: designed to remove the seed of fear, as this is a feeling that paralyzes us, does not let our lives evolve; Love and Joy Chamber: its purpose is really to provide us with love and joy, eliminating symptoms of discouragement, depression and discomfort; Crystal Protection for Children and much more..

Introduction to the Arcturians:

We are the Arcturians, We want to help you awaken to universal love. Everything in you humans can be transmuted, transformed, regenerated with total ease. Just open up to feel, receive and emit the energy of LOVE to all who are on the Planet. The great goal of the Arcturian Command, along with the Manager of this Aquarian Age, the Ascended Master Saint Germain (regent of the Violet Flame), is that in the new time established on Earth, social networks and all electronic devices that accompany humans in almost everything they do, are fully taken over by the workers of Light, both from the physical plane and from the spiritual planes, to quickly spread the ascension cosmic energies that reach through the countless light portals that open at every moment to anchor the 5th dimension in all levels of Planet Earth.

The Great Ascension Rescue OperationThe Arcturians are part of the Star Commands, formed by various extraterrestrial civilizations that participate in the Great Ascension Rescue Operation Project for the Planet Earth, formed by a Confederation of beings from various galaxies, united to liberate the human minds from the domain of the astral underworld controllers who act in communion with the physical plane controllers.The Star Commands act in conjunction with the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood of Light to gradually implant a new consciousness from the uninstalling of the implanted old thoughts that spread fear and all kinds of feelings that steal power and take us away from our true identity.

The Arcturians are one of the most advanced civilizations when it comes to energy treatments technologies, which are used in all crystal spiritual practices, regardless of the religious branch. Their light beings are very powerful and have helped the Planet Earth through divine wisdom and spiritual cleansing to telepathically transmit technological and geographic improvements.

PRICE: AUD 188,00

Course duration: Live online or in-person 6 hours + online video theory classes + practical mentorships. (Total 32 hours)

Material provided to the student for the course: Textbook and PDF certificate.

Extra material to have during the course: Pendulum, notebook, pen, a journal, water bottle and food.

Material to work with after the course: Yoga mat or blanket, pillow, Reiki journal

Prerequisite: none

Practices prior to the course: Week before course, eating light meals, drinking plenty of water, meditating and have watched the classes on the plataform and studied the PDF material.

Practices afterwards: Practices and Mentorships

Entity linked to the course: Course Registered with ABRATH International

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