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Luciana Tworkoski
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Shamanic Wisdom Wheel Course of Advanced Studies of Pleiadian Mother Teachings

The Shamanic Teachings Wheel is a Study of the Pleiadian Star Mothers, developed by Amber Mele’ha Wolf through the messages she channelled from the Pleiadian Star Mothers. Amber is known to be the last priestess of Lemuria, a supposed lost continent submerged in the Pacific Ocean, and in this course she shows how Lemurian shamanic teachings apply to modern life today. She also shows us how they can help us live a more balanced life, free from the wounds of the past and fear of the future.

In each module you will find:

– Activations that awaken the shaman within you, reminding you of who you truly are.

– Ancestral teachings to help you live a life more aligned with the purposes of your soul.

– Wisdom teachings to help you live in balance with yourself and the Universe.

Classes taught by Amber Mele’ha Wolf with translation and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese by Regiane Silva and audio by Luciana Tworkoski, founder of the Rainbow Flower Academy and Global Emissary of the Lemurian Brotherhood Linked to Amber Wolf.

This study is two years in duration, but you can study it in your own time.It has a monthly subscription of $44, but you can cancel your plan at any time, only receiving the certificate if you complete the two year program.

PRICE: AUD 1,300.00 or AUD 65.00 monthly payment for 24 months

Recorded classes with occasional live lectures from Dr Amber Wolf with simultaneous Portuguese translation and monthly lectures with Luciana. Course duration: 2 years

Student material for the course: Manuals, videos and a PDF certificate upon course completion.

Prerequisite: NoneMonthly access to the platform

Affiliated entity to the course: Course Registered with ABRATH International

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