Cosmic Rays

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Each human being comes with his designated cosmic ray, that is, each person has his mission, his gifts and abilities directed to specific paths on Earth.

The calculation of the radius of your mission is obtained in a very simple way:

It uses the date of birth, therefore, it is the sum of the day, month and year of the date of birth, until reduced to just one digit, which forms the digit that will show which Cosmic Ray of Mission the person belongs to:

Date of Birth: 11/13/1957

  • Add the day, month and year: 13+11+1957=1981
  • Add all the digits of the above result: 1981= (1+9+8+1)=19
  • Add the resulting digits again: 19=(1+9)=10
  • Add all the digits of the result until reduced to one digit: 10= (1+0)=1
  • End result: 1st Ray is the Violet Mission Cosmic Ray.

Special cases

  • If this last digit is equal to 8 (subtract 7 to get the result 1, i.e. 1st Blue-Ray)
  • If this last digit is = 9 (subtract 7 to get the result 2, that is, 2nd Yellow-Ray)

Your next step then knowing exactly what your mission on Earth is.

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  1. Blue Mission Cosmic Ray: Power;
  2. Gold-Yellow Quest Cosmic Ray: Wisdom;
  3. Cosmic Ray of Mission Pink: Love;
  4. White Mission Cosmic Ray: Purity;
  5. Green Mission Cosmic Ray: Heal;
  6. Ruby Gold Quest Cosmic Ray: Devotion;
  7. Violet Mission Cosmic Ray: Transmutation.

The other way to know your radius is according to the day of the week you were born.

For each day of the week, there is an ELOHIM, an ARCHANGEL and a CHOHAN who are dedicated to the service of radiating the Light of one of the Seven Rays, that Light that also forms the causal body of each person:

SUNDAY – First Ray – King blue flame with crystalline white rays. Virtues: Faith, Strength, Power, Protection, Divine Will. Chohan: Ascended Master EL MORYA Archangel: MICHAEL (His Divine Complement: FAITH) Elohim: HERCULES (His Divine Complement: AMAZON)

MONDAY – Second Ray – Golden Flame. Virtues: Wisdom, Enlightenment, Love, Peace. Chohan: Ascended Master LANTO Archangel: JOFIEL (His Divine Complement: CONSTANCE) Elohim: CASSIOPÉIA (His Divine Complement: MINERVA)

TUESDAY – Third Ray – Pink Flame. Virtues: Pure Divine Love, Reverence and Worship, Beauty and Tolerance. Chohan: Ascended Master ROWENA Archangel: SAMUEL (His Divine Complement: CARITAS) Elohim: ORION (His Divine Complement: ANGELICA)

WEDNESDAY – Fourth Ray – Crystal-white flame. Virtues: Purity, Arts, Resurrection, Ascension. Chohan: Ascended Master SERAPIS BEY Archangel: GABRIEL (His Divine Complement: HOPE) Elohim: CLAIRE (His Divine Complement: ASTRÉA)

THURSDAY – Fifth Ray – Green flame with golden rays. Virtues: Truth, Dedication, Concentration, Healing. Chohan: Ascended Master HILARION Archangel: RAFAEL (His Divine Complement: MOTHER MARY) Elohim: VISTA or Cyclope (His Divine Complement: CRYSTAL)

FRIDAY – Sixth Ray – Flame ruby ​​with gold. Virtues: Peace, Devotion, Mercy, Healings. Chohan: Ascended Master NOTHING Archangel: URIEL (His Divine Complement: DONA GRAÇA) Elohim: TRANQUILITAS (His Divine Complement: PEACEFUL)

SATURDAY – Seventh Ray – Violet Flame. Virtues: Love, Mercy, Compassion, Appeals, Transmutation and Freedom. Chohan: Ascended Master SAINT GERMAIN Archangel: EZEQUIEL (His Divine Complement: AMETHYST) Elohim: ARCTUROS (His Divine Complement: DIANA)

There are two ways to calculate it, it won’t necessarily give the same radius in both ways.

You will have one Ray for the day you were born of the week ruling you and one for your date of birth.

Each ray is represented by an ASCENDED MASTER