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Universal Psionic Table


This tool allows you to raise your frequency, expand individual and collective consciousness to be aware and awake, and present in the mission of awakening humanity’s consciousness, doing collective and humanitarian works of greatness. It was developed for Lightworkers, therapists, or anyone interested in helping others.

In 2020 it was updated with the Sirius 2020 Portal and started to be called MPU 2020. MPU (Universal Psiônic Table) is a set of 04 shields that present themselves as tools programmed through access keys and individualized and printed light codes by the energy signature of each operator. In its use the operator will learn to create your own tools and, with them, activate and use the platform. It is a therapeutic tool prepared for personal, individual, collective and group dynamics.

There are some methods capable of making the client change habits and thoughts that used to disturb them. This is how the Psionic Table works. It is actually a rectangular board that has four pillars: Radiesthesics, Radionics, Sacred Geometry and Spirituality.

Through the PSIONIC TABLE, an activation of the frequencies that reach consciousness, divine purpose and the recovery of joy will be done. It can be considered a healing tool, capable of treating emotional, love, financial and depression problems, as it acts directly on the client’s mental balance. Its main effect, besides healing, is the harmonization of energies, in a kind of board it brings together human and Divine energy tools. One of the main objectives of this method is to find a path of ascension, where one can have a balanced life of peace and love.

This formatting of the “Psionic Table”, well known as the “Radionic Table”, began in the 70’s with Prof. Manoel Matos (in memory), well known as Mano. We also have to give credit to Prof. Juan Ribaut, who also pioneered the concept of Mentalist Radiesthesia and the creation of the PsychoGenerator. From then on, many aspects of these tables appeared. Each one designed according to the knowledge and egrégoras of the designer and, the vast majority, follows the same principle.

The RP® Psionic Tables are boards with drawings arranged like a non-linear mental map, developed to elaborate the construction of knowledge and to train the operator, offering him the necessary resources to build a clear communication channel with his superconsciousness.

By accessing your Inner Master, processes of imbalance in the energetic, spiritual and psychoemotional scope begin to be dissolved. And, by being willing, as an agent of expansion of planetary consciousness, it is also possible to become a channel of assistance and transformation of theother, through its resonance, intention and love. We are facing a tool that moves, adjusts, expands and transcends fields of energy, information and vibration through your personal connection. Some terms seem complex, but the tool itself is very simple. Any trained person can operate it, requiring no special skills. However, the more knowledge, the greater the scope. Very useful for private use and for therapists’ offices. RP® Psionic Tables are chosen for attunement and expand simultaneously with your personal development. Choose yours and start with the one that makes your heart flutter.

Psionic Table

  • Work with the Being’s conscious and unconscious, past/parallel lives, future, hereditaries and others, balancing energies, increasing creativity and amplifying abundance.
  • Helps in the alignment of all levels and dimensions of the self, with the aim of returning the person to their divine essence.
  • Helps in the cleansing and energizing of the person’s vibrational pattern, accessing more of their inner light.
  • Supports the removal of beliefs and limitations that may be preventing the individual from living a full life.
  • Identifies energetic disorders from diseases to stimulate the return of the healthy energetic field.
  • Can be used to help places, humans and animals.

AUD 444

  • Course duration: 8 hours online or in person, split into 2 days of 4 hours plus mentoring and practises (total of 16 hours)
  • Material provided to students for the course: A3 sized, printed and laminated table, PDF booklet, PDF summary and PDF certificate. 
  • Additional materials to have during the course: Pendulum
  • To work with after the course: Optional, crystals, radiesthesia boards, platonic solids, merkaba, oracles…
  • Prerequisite: None 
  • Practices before the course: Week before the course, eat light foods, drink plenty of water, meditate.
  • Post-course practices: Mentoring
  • Entity affiliated to the course: ABRATH, MYIICT
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