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According to the Ancestral prophecies, when the Earth entered the process of enlightenment, children from the Stars would arrive on Earth, to accelerate the evolution of Mother Gaia and all the beings that inhabit here, Lee Carroll – Kryon dedicated a book only to the essence of these children in the Indigo child book, and today I come to bring you a little bit of the essence of these children, because understanding better about their energy, we can help them in their missions and give the support they need, and so, they continue to shine all the light they came bring here. Here is a summary of children according to the Soul Guide:


The Violet children have come to review all the wisdom of the planet and the concepts of evolution, so that the third dimension can be completed. They started a globalized process to support the great change that would be introduced in humanity

VIOLET beings are generally assertive, wise, diplomats par excellence! They are able to dialogue and discuss on any subject, as if they were born with an encyclopedia in their heads and instill in people a natural love and tenderness of their being. In addition to not liking fights and aggression, they are peaceful and loyal friends.

VIOLET children (today mostly adults and elderly) arrived precisely to form the basis, give support, and insert deep changes in society in the social and psychic aspect, as they are equipped with various devices of argumentation and maturity. They are curators of people and environments, defending noble causes that benefit the planet as a whole.

The task of Violet beings and children is different from everyone else! They have the role of being diplomats in this great transformation and of transmuting with wisdom, love and caution.

They have the pioneering ability of the INDIGO, plus love and wisdom. This makes them masters par excellence and, at the same time, with great social responsibility towards humanity.

You know that pure indigo, more stubborn than normal, who only accepts the opinion of a person who lives with them? So, the violet beings are these people who make the INDIGO more flexible and manage to make him see situations from other angles.

Do you live with a Violet Child? Guided meditation for you to do with her to bring more tranquility. Listen to the article on: Children’s Meditation (there is also Meditation for Indigos, Crystals, and for all our beloved Star children).



Wonderful trailblazers, born in greater numbers after 1970. Many times they were considered fools in their time!

Today we realize that they were people who came to establish new paradigms and modify the structure of the old human society, rewriting history and preparing humanity for the evolution we live today.

The awakening to the practice of meditation, yoga, healthy eating, understanding how quantum physics works, alternative therapies, energy cleansing, astrology… finally, the release for a conscious and evolutionary life.

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The mission of these children is beautiful, but arduous and little understood, as they are confused with sad, weak and sick children. When very small, they cry for no apparent reason and are dissatisfied, but in fact, they just absorb all the sadness that is around them.

They are children who came to heal environments and people and bring attributes of peace and balance to continue the work started by the INDIGO children.

Readers who follow my articles have many doubts about being a crystal adult, however, I need to clarify that since the beginning of humanity we have had many historical behaviors with characteristics of all generations, but the largest number of CRISTAL children were born to from the year 2000. Therefore, we have many teenagers with these sensitive behaviors and who depend on a lot of attention from the adults who accompany them.

The fact that we are adults with characteristics of CRISTAL beings demonstrates how much we are in tune with the evolution of consciousness and we are accessing in the collective consciousness the power of healing, empathy, respect for others, a sense of justice, compassion, rescuing the ethical values ​​and unconditional love that is the mission of CRISTAL beings.


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They are variations of the CRISTAL generation, which has come in greater numbers between 2005 and 2010, where the Rainbow children are more sensitive, the Diamond Children are stronger and resist working in denser regions and the Golden children are the New Generation that still It’s adapting to the Earth’s field. For more details about the children, access the Charity without borders pdf:ção-de-crianças……pdf

and more information about the golden children:

Shall we prepare for this New Era?

According to the Soul Guide, We still have little information about these new generations, however, these great healers with extrasensory abilities, need higher energy in families to be able to reach and remain in the beautiful mission entrusted to them, working in love. unconditional with the aim of curing the diseases of the soul.

Unfortunately, we still have few people prepared for your arrival! There is a lack of information, dedication and understanding with children.

But a small number of people can also be seen who are already seeking knowledge on how to educate and guide their children, demonstrating that they are being prepared to receive them. They are parents who will be sensitive to their children’s abilities in caring for others and will certainly serve as support and support for the fulfillment of the mission of these very sensitive children.

All these new generations are interacting with each other and will interact more and more, mixing behaviors, recovering ethics and values ​​so that evolution happens more quickly and sustainably, making us better people every day!

We need to develop, feel and practice more and more love, compassion and forgiveness and thus elevate our energy with positive thoughts and attitudes, facilitating them to fulfill their mission of evolving the consciousness of humanity on this planet.


Luciana Tworkoski