PORTAL 06-06-06

Today we are passing through yet another portal of light.

When consciously searching for portals, they become a beautiful gift of reflection and transformation.

Because we surrender to this moment and we have the opportunity not to reflect and attend to our heart, but to nourish ourselves from the energy that is overflowing on this day.

Another important point, The Fountain of Creation creates through perfect logic, and that logic is based on numbers and geometry. Everything is synchronous and perfect, and everything happens now, today, not in the past or in the future.

To experience the energy of each portal, of each day, of each Station, is to live in the time of the Cosmos, and that time is now.

Today, we are experiencing the strength of the triple 6, Drunvalo Melkzedeck, the triple 6 directly attuned to matter, to physics, to pay attention to our choices and how we are living the Earthly experience. It is an opportunity to look within and identify through the Guianca of our heart, where we are as distortions of duality, where we are preventing from living unity in Earthly experience.

The 6 in Pythagorean numerology also signifies the Family, our relationships, how we experience relationships. A simple and profound call for a 6 energy day, particularly a portal, is how am I relating to myself, do I give myself the love I would like to receive from others? Am I the relationships I seek? To experience harmonious relationships is to be these relationships. Seeing God in the other is initially to see God in oneself, and with pure love for me in the other.

I invite you today to have a cup of tea with your Divine Presence, light a candle, a fire of nutrition, and give yourself that affection, love and reflection.

To live paradise in our Beloved Gaia, is to be Paradise. May each portal touch your heart and help everyone on their path of enlightenment in a light, deep and loving way.

Luciana T.