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*Some services entitle you to a feedback session; scheduling is located alongside other services.

A combination of distance healing techniques, Psionic tables and video call.


  • 1h Initial Healing session – in person or online by Zoom
  • Radiesthesic reading
  • Analysis, Akashic Reading.
  • Use of intuitive energy tools and techniques.
  • Parallels and Galactic lives reading
  • Spiritual messages from guides, Higher Self, Angels and Light
  • Family for the highest good.
  • Guided Meditations
  • Life Mission Guidance
  • Use of psionic tables and all Techniques I am Mastering.
  • Compilation of all work.
  • Sending audio and files explaining treatment and tasks.
  • 1h -minute talk.
  • Follow-up during treatment time before zoom call and after.


*Without the Initial Healing Session – $288

*Don’t forget to schedule your feedback session.

3 Months of Holistic treatment for deep healing and guidance, creation of a new material and spiritual reality with deeper consciousness and self-healing.

A 7-month transformation with all the guidance above with focus on career, spiritual development, deeper connection with Inner Self and Inner Master, supporting your ascension path and leadership in the New Earth

Distance or in person – 1h

Combination of techniques such as:

  • Seichim,
  • Reiki,
  • Herbal Reiki,
  • Reiki Kwan Ahan,
  • Chromotherapy,
  • Magnified healing,
  • Crystals,
  • Grids,
  • Aromatherapy,
  • Prana,
  • Access bars,
  • Thetahealing

Distance or in person – 40min

Luminance Frequencies is a lighting technique with a powerful healing process that occurs beyond the third dimension. It is a unique, multidimensional technique that involves the activation of energetic portals in the anterior and posterior parts of the body.

This work implies an awakening. It is understood that any form of illness or negative manifestation can be corrected or sublimated when a person is aligned with their I Am Presence, their Divine Consciousness.

Each session is individual, energetically mapped, and oriented towards what you need at that moment. It will work on the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies.

Distance or in person – 3h

Addressing the underlying cause with multidimensional tools. Energy Balance and Harmonization of: Health and Well-being – While the treatment is ongoing, we will also address the symptoms to provide relief and support during the healing process. Aura and Chakras (cleanse, balance and protection) Environment (Home, Work, etc.) Life Areas (Relationships, Financial, Professional, etc.) Situations (sell or buy a house, car, law process that are stuck, etc.), *PS: All the treatments can run for a few weeks or months depending on your needs. Include written/verbal reports with your outcomes, explanation and how to boost your healing.

In person or at distance – 1h 30min

At distance or in person for guidance, healing and connection with Spiritual and Galactic Team – 2h

In person and online – 60 to 90 min

Intuitive Healing is a unique, intuitive therapeutic approach that seeks to meet the client’s needs in each session, addressing their emergent demands. It utilizes person-centered listening within Humanistic Psychology, as well as other complementary techniques such as Inner Child Healing, Hypnosis, Brightness Frequencies, Life Coaching, Access Bars, Mindfulness, Reiki, among others.

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS ® is a set of 32 points on the head touched gently that stimulate and defragment the electromagnetic components caused by stress, negative thoughts, and emotions. This gentle, non-invasive technique releases physical and mental blocks that have been stored for a long time helping it easier your life in all areas.

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