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Magnified Healing

First Phase

Magnified Healing® is a tool of Love for healing, liberation and personal and planetary ascension … Previously, this healing was practiced only in the highest dimensions of the universe by Ascended Masters. In 1992, however, through direct incentive and inspiration from Lady Master Kwan Yin, Chinese goddess of Compassion and Love, Magnified Healing® was brought in an expanded form through Gisèle King and Kathryn Anderson in the United States.

Magnified Healing® is the only spiritual practice, as a modality of healing, that cancels all karmas, activates and expands the Tri Flame of the Christ in the heart – Love, Wisdom and Divine Will – and prepares us for Spiritual Ascension. It works using sacred geometry, breathing and affirmations. This practice of personal and planetary healing allows us to use 5th dimension energies, according to the Law of Mercy.

In daily practice, we clean our Light Channel by establishing a continuous flow between the Most High God of the Universe and the Crystal in the center of the Earth. This is because we are purified, energized and expanded and begin to radiate the good energies centered on the heart chakra.

In Magnified Healing® – differently from most forms of healing – the practitioner creates the healing energy directly from the MOST HIGH GOD and becomes this Energy, accelerating their development and personal ascension process at all levels, consequently reinforcing our feelings of faith, freedom, creativity and balance. This happens through the dissolution of old energy blockages that hinder us in an imperceptible way.

The 1st Phase: is a two-day course with many activations, practices and initiation. The student receives an Initiation into the energy of Lady Mother Kuan Yin.

The 1st Phase deepening: brings an advanced understanding and knowledge of the use of Magnified Healing Techniques.

  • Subjects studied in both courses
  • Meditation to Acquire Power
  • Activation of the Trinity Flame in the heart.
  • Alignment of the Chakras – Cleaning of the Light Channel.
  • Increase of energy in Hands – Energy co-creation.
  • Balance of the Nervous System.
  • Balance and Wellbeing of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies.
  • Activation with the Light Body.
  • Activate DNA and Higher Bodies.
  • Connection with the Most High God of the Universe.
  • Harmonisation of the Earth, Distant Treatments and Energetic Transplants*
  • The student receives a Master-Teacher Certificate, Teaching Manual and MP3 of practice.

AUD 333

Course duration: 2 to 3 days, 8 hours per day. In-person or online

Material provided to the student for the course: Manual, certificate and mp3.

Prerequisite: None

Pre-course practice: Week before the course, eating light foods, drinking lots of water, meditating.

Post-course practice: 11 days of practice and mentorships

Entity affiliated to the course: Course registered with MYIICT and Abrath.

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