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Event Organizer

Luciana Tworkoski
Email: contact@rainbowfloweracademy.com
Tel: +61 405 140 342

This membership provides a union of several studies to its beloved students, with meetings for Ascensional awakening and illumination, so that together, we can expand consciousness in a light, fun, loving and practical way.

The aim of this monthly plan is to help its users better understand the great changes that are happening and to use the studies in their day to day for personal, collective and fluid consciousness expansion with the exit of the new energy and entry of the New energy into the Earth.

For those who are Holistic Therapists, these studies will enrich their services with updates of everything that is happening in this Period of transformation of the Earth, and assist you with techniques and practices to include in your services, through Recorded Classes, live online and hybrid (face to face and online).

You can also study in your own time, since everything is recorded and kept very well organised as an Ascensional library.

This Membership Includes:

In The Ascension Studies

  • Books Club
  • Law of Time Studies
  • Rainbow Flower Integrated Terapies Course
  • Ma’heo’o Shamanic Reiki Course – Levels I and II
  • Reiki Usui and Tibetan Course Level I – The Awakening
  • Reiki Usui and Tibetan Course Level II – The transformation
  • Etheric Phytotherapic Reiki Course – Masters Level
  • Reiki Kwan Ahan Course – Masters Level

In the Ascension Circles

  • Lemurian Sacred Feminine Circles (Women only)
  • Rainbow Flower Ascension Circles
  • Stellar Family Circles
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremonies
  • Ilumination Meetings

Ascension Membership brings exclusive meetings for members, special guests, sacred feminine and masculine circles to experience the Oneness of Being, studies on the stellar families, ascension studies, meditations, practical meetings, sound healing, Cacao Ceremonies and much more. Whenever the meetings are part of the Membership, it will be signalled on the Calendar & Events.

Access to certificates: You receive the certificates when you Study in live classes + recorded classes + minimum 1 Year membership participation.

The cost of the Membership is: AUD 65 per monthly

  • Course duration: Continuous online, in person or hybrid meetings + access to all recorded studies.
  • Material provided to the student for the course: Manuals and materials in videos and PDF.
  • Extra material needed during the course: Notepad, pen, diary, water bottle and food, yoga mat.
  • Prerequisite: None
  • More Benefitis: 15% discount on any course or exclusive event from Rainbow Meetings
  • Members pay AUD10 only to Cacao Ceremonies the cost AUD35.
  • Monthly Flash discounts that are advertised in the closed group in the Rainbow APP.
  • Spiritual Trips and Retreats for members only with special prices.
  • Open space in montlhy meetings to offer healing sessions to the Community, and amazing way to make the difference + practice your studies
  • Entity linked to the course: Course registered with ABRATH International & MYIICT

*Monthly access entitles you to access the entire platform, everything that has been studied and recorded + live classes during the paid period.