Luciana Tworkoski

Hi, I’m Luciana Tworkoski!

Get to know a little bit of my history and trajectory through the path of spirituality!

Luciana Tworkoski

Luciana Tworkoski has started her training in administration, marketing  & international trade.
However, thinking about cooperating with others well being, she graduated in nutrition, swimming and fitness, helping people to take care of their body through physical training and food reeducation.

Along her journey of self-discovery she found her true passion and purpose in various forms of natural, holistic and spiritual therapies facilitating people in their awakening in spiritual, mental, physical and emotional balance.

A natural teacher and student of ancestral knowledge since childhood, she shares all this information today by teaching courses and workshops that help people discover their full potential and expand their consciousness.

She is certified by Australia and Brazil in several natural therapies such as Psionic Quantum Table (Régia Prado), Quantum Healing, Thetahealer, Access Bar, Facelift, Reiki (Usui), Seichim Seichem, Crystals, Hooponopono.

In her consultation, she integrates all these therapies, empowering people to discover their truth and become their best version here on Earth.

All her courses, sessions and workshops can be taught in English and Portuguese.

Inspiring people to reconnect with their CRYSTALLINE ESSENCE, their SOULs, with their best versions... this is my passion.

Luciana Tworkoski

I have studied spirituality since I was little, ancient world, Egypt, astronomy, astrology, quantum physics. Yes, my father was already preparing me and I didn’t even know. I started at just 6 years old.

I always carried books about Atlantis, spirituality and science in general in my bag and was fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. 

As a teenager I already had contact with the spiritual world but it still bothered me, I still didn’t know for sure how to use this mediumship.

For 19 years I dedicated myself to the Spiritist Center and Johrei where I have learned about spirituality, flower of light, Ikebana, natural agriculture, among other modalities. It brought me more knowledge and peace of mind.  

I have worked 9 years with  administration but my heart was empty, incomplete. I wanted to work to help others around me. That’s when I decided to move to Australia and search for my true essence.  

I have graduated in swimming, personal trainer and nutrition and started helping people to take care of their bodies through physical training and food reeducation. But my INNER SELF was asking for something more. 

I was already in treatment with some natural therapies and through the help of some holistic therapists and meditations I received messages to start myself in this line of work. 

I had doubts, of course, but I let God guide me and show me what I was supposed to do. It was all very fast, but thinking about my past I realized that I had been on this journey for a long time. I just needed to see my choices. 

I started to delve deeper into laws of the universe, dimensions, akashic records, reconnection with the divine essence and training in natural therapies such as Psionic Quantum Table (Régia Prado), Quantum Healing, Thetahealer, Access Bar, Facelift, Reiki (Usui) , Seichim Seichem, Crystals, Hooponopono and Ikebana. 

That’s how I realized what resonated with my heart, what I chose to do here on Earth I chose to help, guide, teach people and spread the energy of love across worlds and universes.

This reconnects me more each day with my DIVINE SELF and strengthens me to lead other people to do the same. Reconnect with your crystalline essence, accept yourself completely, to live your best version, choosing love over fear.  

I am very happy to have found my essence and I invite you to start or enhance your journey on this path through these wonderful techniques. 

Om Mani Padme Hum 
Luciana Tworkoski

Luciana Tworkoski


  • Psion Operator and Facilitator Courses Psionic Tables Regia Prado

  • Advanced Thetahealer – Australia

  • Access Bars Therapist – Australia

  • Facelift – Access bars method – Australia

  • Reiki Master Usui and Tibetan Method – Brazil and Australia

  • Workshop 21 Usui Reiki Techniques – Brazil

  • Master Seikim Seichem SKHM Reiki -Brazil and Australia

  • Crystal Healer – Australia and Brazil

  • Training in Lemurian Crystals – Portugal

  • Chromotherapy – Australia and Brazil

  • Sound Healing and Hertz Technique – Australia

  • Quantum Healing – isabel Otto – Australia

  • Karmic Apometry – Brazil

  • Feng Shui – Brazil

  • Master Reiki Herbal Medicine – Brazil

  • Master Reiki – Kwanahan – Brazil

  • Master Crystal Reiki – USA

  • Atlantis and Lemurian Reiki Master – Greece

  • Ikebana Practitioner – Sangetsu Method

  • Ho`oponopono Workshop – Brazil

  • Crystal Grids Workshop -Australia, Brazil and USA

  • Workshop Initiation to the energy of Unicorns – BR

  • Mediumship Workshop – Australia and USA

  • Ceremonial Workshop – USA

  • Discover your Star Essence Workshop – USA

  • Diana Cooper Ascension Path Workshop – USA

  • Akashic Reading – USA

  • Tameana – Brazil

  • Initiated in Wannai One Eye Women Circles – Aboriginal

  • dreaming

  • Deeksha Giver

  • Hypnosis and Regression – Brazil

  • Aromatherapy – Brazil

  • Initiation to the Dragon’s Way – Portugal

  • Emerald Resonance – Portugal

  • Ascension training – Brazil

  • Shamanic Reiki Master Maheoo

  • Master and Facilitator Tameana 1, 2, 3 and self application

  • Master and Facilitator Tameana Complementary Modules

  • Guardian of the Sacred Feminine – Brazil

  • Law of Time Facilitator – Galactic Mayan 13 Moon Calendar

  • Shamanic Systemic Family Constellation – Brazil

  • Facilitator of Meditation Techniques for Adults and Children – Australia

  • Geobiology – Brazil

  • Sacred Circles Facilitator of the Lemurian Sisterhood Amber Wolf / Kryon – USA

  • Environment Therapist – Brazil

  • Radiesthesy and Energy Diagnosis – Brazil

  • Extension Course Integrated Holistic Therapies – Brazil

  • Magnified Healing Practitionist and Facilitator 1 phase and Deepening 1 phase.

  • Diploma in Nutrition and Sports Nutrition – Australia

  • Certificate III Fitness – Australia

  • Certificate IV Fitness – Australia

  • Anatomy for strength training – Australia

  • Bachelor of Business Administration and Foreign Trade 7.5 semesters – Brazil

  • Advanced Diploma in International Business and Marketing – Australia

  • Certificate IV in Foreign Trade – Australia

  • Authorized Priestess of the Lemurian Sisterhood Circles team – Kryon

Holistic Therapies with Luciana Tworkoski | Prices

A combination of distance healing techniques, Psionic tables and video call.


  • 1h Initial Healing session – in person or online by Zoom
  • Radiesthesic reading
  • Analysis, Akashic Reading.
  • Use of intuitive energy tools and techniques.
  • Parallels and Galactic lives reading
  • Spiritual messages from guides, Higher Self, Angels and Light
  • Family for the highest good.
  • Guided Meditations
  • Life Mission Guidance
  • Use of psionic tables and all Techniques I am Mastering.
  • Compilation of all work.
  • Sending audio and files explaining treatment and tasks.
  • 1h -minute talk.
  • Follow-up during treatment time before zoom call and after.


*Without the Initial Healing Session – $288

3 Months of Holistic treatment for deep healing and guidance, creation of a new material and spiritual reality with deeper consciousness and self-healing.

A 7-month transformation with all the guidance above with focus on career, spiritual development, deeper connection with Inner Self and Inner Master, supporting your ascension path and leadership in the New Earth

Distance or in person – 1h

Combination of techniques such as:

  • Seichim,
  • Reiki,
  • Herbal Reiki,
  • Reiki Kwan Ahan,
  • Chromotherapy,
  • Magnified healing,
  • Crystals,
  • Grids,
  • Aromatherapy,
  • Prana,
  • Access bars,
  • Thetahealing

At distance or in person for guidance, healing and connection with Spiritual and Galactic Team – 2h

In person or at distance – 1h 30min

Bookings & Payment options:

Fee for attending at home $25
Students have 10% discount
Booking prior 50% deposit not refundable

  • Credit card and Paypal
  • Direct transfer – BSB 062692 acct 40503178 to Rainbow Flower Academy

Any Questions?

Email: contact@rainbowfloweracademy.com
WhatsApp: +61 405140342

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