Sirius Portal RP

Cause expansion to the next level of consciousness, awakening the potential of light in a clear and Divine way, so that evolution is done by Love. When we operate or undergo care, we gain strength, wisdom, balance, courage, love, compassion and everything else we need to solve our challenges with wisdom and awareness. Awakening these potentials of our DNA.
The Sirius Gate is “The key from within”.

It is a platform for interaction with the operator’s subconscious, it uses the individual, Humanity and Cosmic archetypes to promote inner dialogue. The Key from within, so necessary for this moment of Humanity. It promotes the release of traumas and the awakening of latent genes, awakening the gifts of Art, inspiring and making Evolve through Love, because Self-knowledge is the key!

There are some methods capable of making the patient change habits and thoughts that previously disturbed him. This is how the radionic table works.

It is actually a rectangular board that has four pillars: Dowsing, Radionics, Sacred Geometry and Spirituality.

Through the psionic table, an activation of frequencies that reach consciousness, divine purpose and a rescue of joy will be made.

It can be considered a healing tool, capable of treating affective, love, financial problems and depression, because it acts directly on the patient’s mental rebalance. Its main effect, in addition to healing, is the harmonization of energies, in a kind of board it brings together instruments such as the energy of man and the Divine.

One of the main goals of this method is to find a path of ascension, where one can have a balanced life of peace and love.

Psionic Table
• Works with the BEING in its unconscious and conscious, past/parallel, future, hereditary lives, among others, balancing energies, increasing creativity and enhancing abundance.
• Assists in the alignment of all levels and dimensions of the being with the objective of returning the person to his divine essence.
• It helps in cleaning and energizing the person’s vibrational pattern, accessing more of their inner light.
• Assists in eliminating beliefs and limitations that may be preventing staff from living a full life.
• Identifies energetic disturbances from illness to encourage the return of the healthy energy field.
• Can be used to help humans and animals.

Valor: USD 333,00

Tempo de curso: 8 horas online ou presencial, podendo ser 2 dias de 4 horas. + Monitorias + práticas. (Total 16 horas)

Material fornecido ao aluno para o curso: Mesa em A3 impressa e plastificada, apostila em PDF, resumo em PDF e certificado em PDF.

Material extra para se ter durante o curso: Pêndulo

Para trabalhar após o curso: Opcional, cristais, tábuas de radiestesia, sólidos platônicos, merkaba, oráculos…

Pré-Requisito: nenhum

Práticas anteriores ao curso: semana anterior ao curso, comer comidas leves, beber bastante água, meditar.

Práticas posteriores: monitorias

Entidade vinculada ao curso: ABRATH, MYIICT



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