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Barbara Benatti

Hi, I’m Barbara, therapist and teacher of holistic therapies. My mission is to facilitate your process of awakening awareness and reconnecting with your heart.

I work with some Reiki lines, quantum tables and energy healing with crystals and essential oils, but mainly with my heart and my intuition.

See you soon,

With love and in the service of light,


Regiane Silva

Reggie Silva

Hi everyone,

My name is Regiane Silva, I was born in Brazil, but nowadays I live in Cairns, Australia.

I am a lightworker with a strong desire to spread healing on Earth through the energetic techniques taught by our ancestors, and masters.

My work consists of connecting to your I Am Presence to feel which techniques would bring you the well-being you are looking for.

I have been studying energy healing techniques since 2019, and I currently work with the following ones:

  • Master Usui & Tibetan Reiki
  • Blue Quantum Psionic Table
  • Magnified Healing
  • Tameana Vibrational Therapy
  • Quantum Healing Integrated Therapies
  • Psion Table – Ascension Codes – Whales and Dragons
  • Dowsing
  • Crystal grids


In addition to these techniques, I also channel messages from the spiritual and galactic realms and do oracle reading.

I also study the metaphysics of diseases that explains the emotional cause behind imbalances, and nowadays I work closely with the violet flame of transmutation together with Master Kuan Yin, Master Saint German, Archangel Michael, Master Thoth, Master Isis, Mother Mary , the Arcturians and the 13 Star Mothers.

My appointments can be in person or online. For more information, please send me a message.


Giovanna Bonato

My name is Giovanna and today I’m here to introduce myself to you.
The world of therapies has always been something that interested me a lot, since I was young. From the scientific part to the holistic part. I’ve always had a great interest in psychology, including training that I thought about doing countless times. In parallel to this, the holistic part has always generated a lot of curiosity in me, so I started looking for information and books since I was a teenager. I attended spiritual centers, and over time I came to understand better about this new world that was presenting itself.
Despite having chosen the path of numbers and engineering for a while, I knew that something was missing, and that this was not the way I wanted to deliver my contribution to the whole. So within my journey of self-knowledge, I became aware of where I really wanted to contribute as a professional and a person. Since then, 3 years have passed, and the idea of becoming a therapist has been maturing and taking shape. I started studying different ways, approaches and tools to apply in my service.
In my view, therapy provides self-knowledge, and from that point on countless other doors are opened for us, after all, self-knowledge is the key to freedom. And being free for me is living in my truth, it’s living within what makes sense in my heart and in my purpose.
Today, in partnership with Rainbow Flower Academy, I am willing to walk side by side with you on this journey of self-knowledge, which takes us to our hearts, bringing awareness, inner peace and lightness to our lives.
I am here for you!
With love and gratitude,
Camila Caeron

Camila Caeron

As a holistic therapist and ceremonial healer, I combine knowledge, experience and intuition, meeting the needs of each individual or group in a unique way.

When it comes to working with sacred cocoa as a medicinal plant, I bring magic to mundane life. My uniqueness is to combine ancient sacred shamanic, yogic and tantric teachings with modern somatic and expressive therapies to weave new connections and expand consciousness.

I have been working with sacred cocoa medicine since 2018. My initiation into this craft happened in the Mayan lands of Guatemala, after hearing a strong call from the spirit of cacao. I lived in a small village called San Marcos la Laguna, near Lake Atitlan for about 4 months.

There I connected deeply with the earth spirits, the cacao spirit, and received transmissions/activations also from the locals and Keith Wilsom – the chocolate shaman – so I became Keith’s Cacao Practitioner.

I am very blessed to have initiated hundreds of people on the path of this medicine, throughout my cacao ceremonies, held all over the world and mainly in Australia. I also offer cocoa mentorship programs, sacred cocoa ceremonial training and facilitate retreats, cocoa ceremonial training, festivals, gatherings and private ceremonies for special occasions.


Cíntia de Almeida

My name is Cíntia De Almeida, I’m a Naturopath and I work with Quantum Complementary Therapies.  Psionic Tables, Magnified Healing, Thetahealing, Access Bars, Reiki Usui and Shamanic, BACH Flowers, Herbal Alchemy and others.


Dani M Zen

Hi, I’m Dani M Zen. White Moon Mirror. Kin 158. I am here to live and experience all forms of Human Being. Always guided and connected with my stellar brothers and sisters.  

In Australia, I am a Child Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Access Bars and Magnified Healing Therapist. I’m a ceremonial cocoa. In addition practitioner of the Psion Table Whales and Dragons Ascension Codes  

In Brazil, I have a degree in Literature and a postgraduate degree in Journalism.  

Courses and events I minister: 

  • Reiki 1 for children 
  • Reiki 1 for adults 
  • Cocoa Ceremony  



  • reiki master 
  • Integrated Therapies by Rainbow Academy (in progress) 
  • Quantum Therapies by Rainbow Academy (in progress) 
  • Training of Multidimensional therapists by the Ecoando Institute 
  • Wavespell Reading Workshop with Robson Honorato 
  • Ceremonial Cocoa by Keith Cacao
fatima edited

Fátima Gonçalves

Economist. Universalist, working with various energy techniques, mainly healing, such as Shamballa, Reiki and Reikristal.  Shamballa Master, Usui Reiki Master and other Reiki lineages, Arcturian Multidimensional Healing Master. Pranic Healing, Psychotherapy, Access Bars training, practitioner and volunteer of Hands without Borders since 1999. 

Active teacher of Yoga and Yogatherapy, Radiesthetist, and resonant of the HR technique – Harmonic Resonance of Professor Hélio Couto.

Graduated in Systemic Constellation, 2 and a half year course with extension in systemic transactional analysis, Apômetra, formed by Jair Cordeiro Neto and Rodrigo Zappa, as I have been a continuous student of this technique for over 20 years.

Master and Authorized Instructor of the Radionic and Psionic Tables of Régia Prado for all courses, both in person and online.

Thus, always having the opportunity to learn and expand my consciousness more and more, accessing my essence in self-knowledge, positioning myself as a worker of Light, in favor of humanity according to the divine will and permission, respecting the natural Laws, knowing what moves me on this plane and allowing my soul to guide me every moment of life.

Fernanda Barbieri

Fernanda Barbieri

Therapist, Facilitator and Channeler of the Wisdom of the Soul Method of Reading the Akashic Records.

Graduated in Nutrition, she worked for a few years in organizations with Human Resources, did an MBA in people management, a postgraduate degree in dynamics of SBDG groups and training in Ontological Coaching.

In 2012 her spiritual quest intensified and her life underwent many changes.

Today she performs Akashic Records Reading, EMF Balancing Technique phases I to IV, Reiki Usui and Ma’heo’o.

She teaches Reiki courses – Master Reiki Usui and Ma’heo’o, in addition to being a facilitator of the series of activations of abundance and prosperity with purpose.

Since 2018, she has been a facilitator of the Wisdom of the Soul course – access to the Akashic Records, using the methodology she has channeled, having already carried out more than 17 editions in 4 countries in person and 5 online editions, in collaboration with her partner Sara Matte Lucena .

As a good Leonine, she loves to share, talk and have fun and that’s why the vision of her works is always watered with a lot of good humor, simplicity and lightness.

She often says that she works to help people remember who they are, in their essences of infinite potential.

Filomena Claro

Filomena Claro

Psychologist and Holistic Therapist. Co-creator of the Initiation to Spirituality and Magic of Life courses, in partnership with Régia Prado. 

Creator of the Emerald Resonance, of the Path of the Dragon (Initiation and Consecration to the Dragon Knight). Responsible for Moods and personal development programs in the field of psychology.

Psychologist in the Clinical and Counseling area with additional training in fear and anxiety disorders; disruptive behavior disorders; group psychotherapy; chronic diseases, depression; grief; divorce; conflict management; Intervention in crises and disasters.

Experience in banking in organization and methods;

  • regressive therapy,
  • chakra therapy,
  • Tarot,
  • runes,
  • magnified healing,
  • Munay ki,
  • Psionic tables (blue, crystalline environments and psionics)
  • Multidimensional Crystal Healing
  • crystal therapy,
  • Healing with Lemurian Crystals,
  • Violet dragionic table.
  • Facilitator of the Art of Healing with Stones and Crystals.
Gustavo Nogueira

Gustavo Nogueira


Time researcher and creator of Torus, a laboratory that questions how people and organizations understand time and connect with it.   

Contact and Appointments:


Instagram: @torustimelab 


Jussara Pinheiro

Jussara Pinheiro

  • Universal Therapist;
  • Pythagoras space in light;
  • Pythagorean Numerology;
  • Therapeutic Reiki;
  • Cromotherapy;
  • Tarot


I am a Universal Therapist, and among all therapies that I learned, the Pythagorean Numerology is the one that most delighted me.

Perhaps because it is a spiritual science, as Pythagoras used to say and I remember my mother always telling about me, when I was still a baby, when she needed a Mother of Saint to save me in this life. Thus, soon I felt that to succeed in this existence I would have to interact with this occult world, that many times disturbed me and that today conspires in my favor.

And it all started to happen when I sought specialisation in 2003, through the Centre for Esoteric Studies.

I joined this diploma to the many others picked up by my need and curiosity, I left my profession as an Accountant, added a specialization in Numerology through the Abran Brazilian Association of Numerology, and here I am, still learning with You, at the same time I work to see you and me whole, happy and full in life.

I was born in Porto Alegre on April 7th 1953, I am Aryan with Libra rising and Moon in Capricorn, which “makes me a person who is good at relationships, who has great respect for others’ processes”, says the reading of my Numerology Chart.

But I also enjoy dancing rhythms and especially tango, lots of nature, sea and sunsets.

Priscila Costa

Priscilla Costa


Founder of Ilumina Gathering; ​Reiki Master Seichim; Reiki Master Shamanic; Reiki Master Crystal; Quantum Table; Magnified Healing

Contact and Appointments:

Instagram: @ilumina.gathering


Contact phone: +61 4 5049 4533

Roberta Crossley

Roberta Crossley

Roberta is an Holistic Psychologist & Herbal Gynecology Practitioner.

Her background is in Clinical Psychology and she uses a variety of holistic tools (such as Reiki, Crystal healing, Magnified Healing, natural (herbal) gynecology and yoni steaming) to educate and empower women about their menstrual cycles, alignment with nature and body reconnection.

Roberta is also a Womb Keeper of the 13 Rite of Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb.Her passion is to be at service and empower women through this remembrance journey back to their sacred bodies and their own sovereignty.


Sandra Domingues

  • Pedagogue and Psychopedagogue; 
  • Holistic Therapist;
  • Angelic Channel;
  • Quantum Tables Therapist;
  • Akashic Records Reading Therapist;
  • Systemic and Familiar Constellator;
  • Tarologist;
  • Coffe Shaman;
  • Sacred Feminine Therapist;
  • Guardian and Conductor of the Women’s Circle;
  • Guardian of the council of the 13 Elders;
  • Wiccan Priestess; 
  • Creator and facilitator of Guardians of the Earth on her YouTube channel: Sandra Domingues;
  • Holistic Therapist. 
Sandy Fatima

Sandy Fatima

My name is Sandy Fatima, a human being in evolution, woman, wife and mother of two little beings of light.

My mission on this school planet as a systemic integrative therapist of ancient feminine knowledge is to guide women into a dive of reconnection with feeling, of reconnection with the feminine energy that inhabits everything and everyone.

I deeply believe that feminine energy will heal the world and that the most beautiful way to be part of this healing is by taking care of our thoughts, feelings and actions, by taking care of the being we are in order to give our best in this experience.

I offer individual mentoring and therapy sessions online and face to face outdoors on the Gold Coast (Australia). It will be a pleasure to have you join me on this journey.

Simone Flora Tupi

Simone Flora Tupi

It is part of a cooperative formed by a Tupi Guarani family from the Piaçaguera Indigenous Village in Peruíbe/SP to produce and sell phytotherapeutic products, medicinal herbs, bottles and indigenous crafts.

Our goal is the strengthening of indigenous medicine to promote healing through herbs used by our ancestors, generating autonomy and self-knowledge.

In addition to the production and sale of herbal medicines, we also provide courses and workshops on medicinal herbs and their properties.

Simone Takuá was born in the south of the land called Brazil, she was born in the bush, in a guarani village.

She was born from the mixture of a guarani woman and an Italian man and from a very young age she struggles to prove her Indianness.

Her skin was born white and when she was still a child, she was taken from her family and taken to an orphanage. In the orphanage they tried to domesticate Takuá, they forbade her customs, her language… but her blood was born Indian and Takuá would climb trees and disappear when someone tried to adopt her.

Until one day her mother, who had been looking for her so hard, found her and managed to take Takuá back to her village, where she felt at home, close to her relatives.

Since then Takuá has never left the village again. He has lived among the Guaranis Mbya, among the Nambikuaras and now among the Tupi Guaranis. His journey through the villages awakened in Takuá the observation and respect for the older women and for nature, always observing how the older women took care of the younger ones and how all this was connected to nature.

She learnt about bush remedies, she learnt how to look after herself and other women, always with a lot of love.

Takuá, in contact with so many women, realised that she needed to pass on this knowledge, which she had acquired in the villages, to other women, to those who did not have the opportunity, like her, to live in harmony with nature and to align this with their own bodies.

Thus, she created the Course of Indigenous Phytotherapy for Feminine Cycles, a collection of ancestral knowledge for the care of what we have most valuable, our body. Her course has travelled to many cities across the country, meeting incredible women and sharing much wisdom and love.

Today, Takuá lives in the Indigenous Land Piaçaguera, is a mother of 6 incredible children, is the creator of Flora Tupi, a family phytotherapeutic cooperative and loves to smile.



Diploma of Acupuncture Specialist 330 hours – Brazil

Holistic Body Therapy course with duration of 24 months and fulfilling 440 hours – Brazil

Oriental Philosophy TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine]: Non-Dualistic Principle, Interpersonal Energy, Taoism and the Five Elements and Chinese Meridians, Earth, Metal, Wood, Water and Fire, Large and Small Blood Circulation.

Diagnostic Methods: Command Points Diagnosis, Pulse, Tongue and Shu Point, Reflexology, Anamnesis and Ethical Conduct of the Therapist.

Massage Techniques: Hand Movements, Shiatsu, Meridian Stretches, Foot Reflexology, Tui-Na, Zen Shiatsu and An-Ma ([Traditional] Japanese massage), Lymphatic Drainage, Geriatric Massage, Pregnancy and Baby Massage and Indian massage (Tantric Philosophy)

Anatomy and Physiology applied to Natural Therapies: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Genitourinary, Digestive, Musculoskeletal, Glandular and Nervous systems, Lymphatic system and Skin functions.

Therapist’s Care: Self-Massage (Do-ln), Yoga – Asanas, Pranayama and Nutrition Care, Dietetics;

Subtle Vibration Techniques: Subtle Touch (Catatonia), Reiki I, II and III – Polarization, Color Therapy, Mantra and Music Therapy;

Additional Techniques: Auriculoacupuncture, Magnet therapy, Moxibustion, Cupping therapy, Aromatherapy, Bach flowers, Brazilian herbal medicine, Medicinal clay and Compresses: hot and cold;

Principles of Alphagenics and Neurolinguistics

Thalita Bogner

Thalita Bogner

My name is Thalita, I am a yoga teacher specialising in pregnant women and passionate about preparing for birth through yoga and its tools.

My purpose is to serve and assist women in their process of connecting with their essence. Helping them to live the portal of Motherhood with more tranquility, fluidity & surrender.

I live my purpose by serving women through the following services:

This is how I created the ‘Programme’. On the Yoga in Pregnancy Journey mums train with me on breathing in harmony with movement, they also learn to understand the emotions in their body and how to alchemize this whole (body, mind & soul). The training tb is the basis for a lighter & happier motherhood.

Ritualising is important to connect with our essence & honour the cycles of life in a more conscious way. I love assisting mums & doulas to create a special ritual of both Mother Blessing (Blessing Tea) and postpartum rituals. Today I am honoured to unite this project with Rainbow Flower Academy.

With the purpose of connecting with our Divine Feminine the rodas are meetings to share ancestral knowledge for pregnancy, birth & motherhood. At each Wheel I invite a professional to share knowledge & I also bring a yoga tool. United we live the transformation of Being-Mother with more awareness.

It is a workshop focused on preparation for childbirth using the tools of the ‘Medical Air Program’ in a magical meeting full of insights for the Big Day. Soon we will schedule the 4th Class for the workshop!

I believe we can all awaken the mother Alchemist within!


Thalita Bogner


Guaraciara Roma

My name is Guaraciara Roma, and I am a Psychologist with over 40 years of experience. I am also a Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist, a Brightness Frequencies Therapist, Coach, Mana Teacher, and Reiki Master.

As a Psychologist, I help people become better by eliminating sadness, fear, anxiety, and traumatic memories while empowering them to see themselves in a positive light.

As a Healer, I work with frequencies, sound healing, crystals, Reiki, meditation, and chakras to create a multidimensional space where individuals can align with their hearts and inner selves. This space allows them to recognize their qualities and layers of love within themselves and others.

I am a Founding Member of ISPA – International Strategic Psychotherapy Association in Australia, and a Member of the Brazilian Society of Neuroscience.

dani prieto

Dani Prieto

Dani Prieto is deeply committed to helping others and she developed this passion over the years, which allows her to be able to reach the position she holds today and assist people according to their needs.

Through her own experience, she has seen the amazing benefits of access bars in her life. She felt anxious at times, hesitant to decide, exhausted and frustrated at work. In her heart, she believed life was good, but in reality, it wasn’t that way.

Having the perfect combination of skills, personality, and energy, Dani will exceed your expectations.


  • Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator and Practitioner
  • Energetic Facelift Practitioner
  • Radiesthesia and Radionics Facilitator and Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Energy Healer
  • Life Coach
  • Self Development Mentor
  • Workshop Speaker
natalia lacey

Natalia Lacey

Greetings, everyone! My name is Natalia Lacey, and I am proud to call myself a Brazilian. I embrace the roles of being a devoted daughter, loving wife, and nurturing mother. Growing up in a Catholic family, I was fortunate to receive a strong foundation that instilled in me a sense of stability. However, this upbringing also encouraged me to question certain aspects of life, and my parents graciously allowed me the space to explore those curiosities.

Following the conventional path, I pursued and successfully graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, embarking on a fulfilling professional journey. Nevertheless, a persistent yearning urged me to broaden my horizons and delve into new realms. This led me to embark on my first course in radiesthesia, Feng Shui, and workplace safety. Oh, and did I mention? I’m an Aquarius—a true embodiment of the Aquarian spirit.

During my time in New Zealand for three years, and subsequently in Australia for the past 17 years, I underwent a profound transformation. It was here that I discovered my true self, delving into the depths of my spirituality. I rekindled my passion for learning, engaging in various courses related to alternative therapy and spirituality, which have shaped the path I walk today.

Now, I proudly hold qualifications in various disciplines, including Access Bars, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Color and Sacred Geometry, Psionic Tables, Magnified Healing, Achastic Readings, Geobiology, Feng Shui, and Radiesthesia. Furthermore, I am currently studying to become a trained behavioral analyst in Enneagram, further deepening my understanding of human behavior.

In essence, my journey has been one of self-discovery, embracing my true calling, and nourishing my spiritual growth. I am honored to be here, sharing my knowledge and experiences, as I continue to explore the vast expanses of alternative therapies and the mysteries of the human psyche.