My Works and Connections with Cetaceans

Today I came to talk to you about a subject that excites me a lot. The connection with cetaceans, the Beloved Whales and Dolphins.

I’ve always had a huge connection with the sea, I’m a Piscean, and everything related to the Mystery, with the depths of our Being and Life delights me. But 4 years ago my relationship with the sea reached deeper levels, which I never even dreamed of experiencing in this life (little did I know what I had already planned on a soul level ☺).

6 years ago, synchronically, I got even closer to the Whales and Dolphins, I was guided to go to Sacred Points connected to them, to learn more about the Whales Songlines to meet Elders who work with these Beings and to be reminded of my connection as a Guardian and a close sister, a union in serving, so a beautiful puzzle was being put together, until I reached the point where I remembered my connection with these Beings in Other Lives, in Other Worlds and gave life to tools and works to help in our Expansion of Individual and Planetary Consciousness towards Ascension and expressing the Diamond Essence of our Hearts.

I remembered my Lyrian Roots, my experiences as a Pleiadian, Lemurian and beyond, the loving work I have been doing from the bottom of my heart for eons of time. And today, in this timeline, once again awake to this mission, of Together with my Brothers and Sisters of the Fraternities of light, Stellar and Beloved Beings like the Cetaceans, we unite once more as a great Cosmic Family, to work together in favour of Gaia, who welcomes us with so much love, and is together with us living the Planetary Ascension.

Today part of my work is dedicated to reminding those around me and crossing my path, the God and the Goddess that dwell in you and in everything that exists, and that we are not alone in this Great transformation. There are countless beings dedicated to this work, such as the Whales and Dolphins, where the whales, in short, because I could spend hours and days here talking, bring us the pure consciousness of Universal Love, the awakening of Our Diamond Heart, and pulsate their Great Hearts through Songlines, to help humanity and awaken in the purest love, and our beloved Dolphin friends, bringing the codes of the New Human Brain, Universal Intelligence and also a lot of fun.

These Star Beings are here in pure love, in pure dedication, and they need our union to accelerate the transformation. They do believe in a world where all our Children can live safely, expressing their joy and purity.

They believe that we can live in harmony, where all beings can have Their Sacred Space on Earth. They never gave up on us, not even in the darkest of times, where they needed to hide much more to survive Human greed and ignorance. For they see us as we are, Sacred Beings, living an Earthly Experience, in favour of Evolution. We can continue to evolve and experience, but no longer focusing on pain but on love. And they are here to join us, to anchor this new Reality together.

Today I channel work tools with these Beloved Beings, I also offer at Rainbow Flower Academy retreats focused on the Awakening of Our Sovereignty of Soul and Sacred Heart where we are immersed for 4 or 5 nights on a boat in the Heart of Hervey Bay, to feel a transforming leap from the heart of the Whale, is an experience of indescribable depth. It’s looking at their loving and welcoming expression, feeling deeply, and recognizing that love in us.

On the last trip, on the last day, where I found soul brothers, Brian and Alora who have been working for 12 years taking people to experience the love of whales, I sat on the side and outside the boat, feeling life, thanking the gift of being here regardless of the challenges, and a mother whale, had and calf got up on the side of the Boat. I started talking to her, asked if I could see her deep eyes one more time, and she looked at me. I thanked them for all the love they shared with the group and that I was going to bring more and more of that experience to people so that we could come together to protect and honour them, and she made sounds with every single thing I said. I asked to see her and the baby’s belly for the last time. They turned towards me. Auntie helped the playful and cute baby to turn over as he wanted to. It was the most beautiful thing in this world.

At that point, my sister Camila saw that I was with them and called the whole group, we hugged, we cried with emotion, and together we spoke to this family: One day our children will play together and live in a planetary community of peace, and they will have the security to live on here! It will happen! At that time, she threw water very hard, and made a beautiful sound that made us emotional.

There is a language that unites us and it is simple, where everyone can communicate, this is the language of the heart, the language of love.

I took all these moments and many more from this trip into my heart, and promised as they asked me to bring more of their work so more people could join in, but this event was so profound for me that I spent months processing it.

This month I went to watch Avatar, and to my surprise it was about Whales, and everything I experienced with them I saw portrayed in the movie.


I cried leaving the cinema bloated, despite the parts that make us think deeply about what we have created as humanity in vibrating through lack of love, greed and fear, but also for reminding me that we are not alone either if we choose to fight as peaceful warriors and unite in love. Today I began to fulfill what I promised them. Brothers and Sisters, the world is full of life, Beauty, boundless love… May we all understand once and for all, that our lack of awareness brings destruction and pain to all, we are not separate from Gaia, but if we remember in the depths of our Souls, that we are who we have been waiting for, we are also the Agents of love and transformation, together we can “paint the beautiful rainbow of life together” and indeed live Paradise on Earth.

Want to learn more about working with these Incredible Beings and Being the Incredible Being you’ve always been, send us a message. We already have the dates for the next courses of the Whales & Dragons Portal, and the dates for the retreats with the Whales in partnership with Camila, Brian, and Alora. We will post our Calendar soon.

I see you,

Luciana Tworkoski

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