Geobiology Course

+ Sacred Geometry & Ascended Master Studies

Spiritual Geobiology, taught by Professor Cristina Sehn, is the science that studies the Earth and the beings that inhabit it, aiming to make a deep cleanse, neutralizing or transmuting the harmful energies that harm the life of our planet, restoring the divine purpose of each place or person.In Spiritual Geobiology ensured with Sacred Geometry and specific technologies of some and light, together with the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet, with the Devas and with the support of Mother Earth.

What would it be like to take the Spiritual Geobiology Course and help many people restore their harmony?What would it be like to collaborate in the cleaning not only of close people, but also of the entire terrestrial globe and to be able to help people all over the world?

In this work is clean: the physical body, the etheric body, the mental body, the emotional body and the spiritual body, negative thought form, black energy and energy of the deceased; benefiting the evolution of each being, bringing new perspectives, clarity and discernment to their life projects.In the environments, we clean and harmonize electrical and electromagnetic contamination, the effects of radioactivity such as underground, air, toxic materials used in building use and infinite waves of harmful energy that disconnect us all the time, since they interact and change our mood and disposition.

To deepen the study, and use in Geobiology works, Luciana brings in this course studies about the 7 Sacred Rays, the Ascended Masters and Sacred Geometry.

With Cristina Sehn & Luciana Tworkoski

PRICE: AUD 288,00

Course duration: Online live or in person 6 hours + online video theory hours + practical mentoring. (Total 32 hours)

Material supplied to the student for the course: A3 board, handbook and certificate in PDF.

Extra materials to have during the course: Pendulum, Quartz Point Generator Crystal, printed syllabus if possible, notebook, pen, a diary, water bottle and food + Bonus Workshop Materials.

Materials to work after the course: Board, Quartz Generator Crystal, printed syllabus, 23 cm Open Copper Pyramid, Metatron Cube Printed and audio and elements that will be discussed in the course.

Prerequisite: NonePractices prior to the course: One week before the course, eat light foods, drink plenty of water, meditate. Post-practices: Practices and Mentoring

Entity linked to the course: Course registered with MYIICT and ABRATH INTERNATIONAL.

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