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Sirius Cards Portal RP

The origin of the Psionic Cards is the Spiritual Platform “Sirius Portal – 2020 RP®”, received by channelling in 2018. The objective of this tool is to bring to all fans of oracles and cards a different experience from traditional reading, more than a message or interpretation. Each card carries within it a connection with the symbol it presents. The consultant can activate the requested frequency jointly or separately, as described in this manual.

Operating the Psionic Cards – Sirius Portal RP® requires something more than technique, it requires a loving tuning and you will be taken by the fuller side of the Human Being, experiencing a sensation of involvement by Divine Love, promoting the evolution of your consciousness to have wisdom, balance and strength in all areas of Life!

AUD 235

Course duration: 8 hours online or in-person, potentially over two days of 4 hours each. Monitor sessions and practice included (total 16 hours). 

Materials provided to the student for the course: Cards Portal de Sirius printed material in PDF, resume in PDF and certificate in PDF. 

Optional materials to work with after the course: Crystals, dowsing boards, Platonic solids, Merkaba, tables, portals. 

Pre-requisite: Preferably having studied the Portal de Sirius 

Practices prior to the course: The week before the course, consume light foods, drink plenty of water, meditate. 

Practices after the course: Mentoring Entity linked to the course: ABRATH, MYIICT

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