The Day Out of Time and 13 Moon Calendar

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Always falling on the 25th of July of the Gregorian calendar, the Day Out of Time is for the 13 Moon Calendar as an “equivalent” to the New Year of the 1st of January.

Whereas counting 13 28-day Moons results in a 364-day Solar Ring, the Day Out of Time acts as an additional ascension factor in the count.

The Day Out of Time is, as its name implies, out of time. He is not within a week (7-day heptal) and not within a 28-day Moon.

It is between one year and another: after the 28th day of the 13th Moon of the current year and before the 1st day of the 1st Moon of the following year, thus acting as a leap in the spiral of time counting.

When aware of the cyclical factor of time, open to natural time and freed from the linear limitation transmitted by the Gregorian calendar, the Day Out of Time is like a quantum leap for us and the planet.

It is the opportunity to recycle, to start over, to let go. It’s the day to celebrate time in the art form.

Art is the basis of peace, and spreading peace through culture is one of the goals of the 28-day 13 Moon Calendar.

When you celebrate the principle that “time is art”, you are promoting peace through culture.

On July 26th, the first day of the year in the Calendar, a new cycle begins with the astronomical birth of the star Sirius, which rises on the horizon along with the Sun, cleansing and purifying everyone.

This shows that the 13 Moon Calendar is not only based on measurements of Earth, solar and lunar orbits, but is also encoded from galactic cycles of time.

13 Moon Perpetual Annual Calendar

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Harmony is the main meaning of Day Out of Time!

“The Dreamspell and the 13 Moon Clock are not the Mayan calendar. They are galactic tools for us to enter a new order of reality: the Galactic Time Pattern and the Synchronic Order. The Dreamspell 13:28 Synchronization, they do not come from the terrestrial Mayans, but from the Galactic Federation, in which the Galactic Mayans are found and whose surveillance post is known as the AA Intermediate Station (Arcturus-Antares). which has its own indisputable validity, including the Mayan Calendar, the Long Count of the 13 Baktuns.” – José Arguelles, Valum Votan

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