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Book Club for Multidimensional Awakening – September Cycle

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Beloved beings of Light,

It is with great affection that we announce the second cycle of studies of our Book Club.

Rainbow Flower Academy, in partnership with Vila Bamboo, brings first hand this beautiful project that aims to bring the study of the main works of the Holistic field in a more accessible way, helping in its awakening to a new era.

A moment of studies, a moment for you to reconnect with your SELF, with your Divine essence and remember knowledge.

Our first cycle was a Success, where we did studies on Kryon with the Book Women of Lemuria.

Check out some photos:

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In September and October we will be bringing The Sophia Code.

We will divide the club related to this book and its initiations into 2 months of studies, 4 meetings in September and 4 meetings in October.

The Sophia Code is being hailed internationally as a ‘Divine Women’s Bible for our times’.

The codex reveals a revolutionary approach to obtaining resources for your direct connection to Source, activating your divine genome, embodying your Higher Self, and guiding the Ascended Masters on how to lead through Sophia Christ consciousness.

The Sophia Code is a visionary sacred text for the Divine Feminine Christ movement that is sweeping the planet right now.

This book is a live transmission encoded with direct revelations to activate its important role as a revolutionary wayshower for humanity’s awakening.

  • The Sophia Code cosmology presents a universal blueprint for embodying the return of the Christ consciousness of the Divine Feminine.
  • It reveals and activates the crystalline chromosomes of your divine genome to embody the sovereignty of your Higher Self.
  • Presents the heroic life stories and key-code initiations of beloved Divine Feminine Ascended Masters in their own words, including: Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and White Buffalo Woman.
  • An introductory volume presenting a modern-day mystery school curriculum to guide your highest potential with the dragon tribe of Sophia.
  • Receive Divine Feminine revelations downloaded directly from the Ascended Masters, orders from angels and Star Nations to embody your Higher Self.
  • Meet Sophia’s highest seraph: the Dragons of Sophia, who are mother creators and angelic guides to realize your sovereignty.
  • Initiates you into a global community of Lightworkers moving like a golden dragon of Sophia Christ consciousness to Co-create Heaven on Earth.

These meetings are an opportunity for students who would like to read the Book.

The meetings are led by Mestre Luciana Brito, in a light, relaxed way that will add a lot of knowledge and wisdom to your Journey, whether for work or personal. All classes are recorded and made available to students who are unable to attend at the scheduled time.

At the end, everyone receives a certificate of Participation, and access to the Telegram Materials Group.

♥Below is a beautiful testimonial from Amanda Andrea, Student at Rainbow Flower Academy ♥

This month we will have the participation of dear Robson Honorato, from the Academy of Star Guardians, talking about “The new earth, Telos, Lemuria and Pleiades.

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Check the timetable below according to your country:

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Registration for the 4 September meetings for those who want to pay in installments by Credit Card (BRAZIL):