Mary Magdalene

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“I am the bridge between heaven and earth, I am fully human and fully divine. I Am Divine Freedom Lifting the Entire Earth to Heaven and I see this Liberation taking place. True freedom is contained in the Unconditional Love in my heart. I am my brother’s keeper. That’s why I free them all with Divine love and zeal so that they all remain Eternally Free” Maria Magdalena

Today, the 22/07th and celebrated day of Maria Magdalena, also known as Mirian de Magdala, born in Magdala, Israel in the 1st century. Considered a great biblical figure, the most cited woman in the Bible, and since June 2016, she is a saint in the Roman calendar with the name of Saint Mary Magdalene.

It was established by the Pontifical Congregation for Divine Worship, at the wish of Pope Francis. Her liturgical feast is on July 22 of each year, to “extol the importance of this woman who showed great love for Christ and who was so loved by Christ, and to emphasize the special mission of this woman, example and model for every woman. of the church”.

As the Vatican sentenced 4 years ago, she has since risen to the rank of apostola apostolurum, “the apostle of the apostles.” Her gospel of her was found in the Codex Akhmin, which was acquired by Dr. Carl Rheinhardt in Cairo in 1896 and only published in 1955.

Mary Magdalene is also recognized as Master Nada, twin flame of Sananda (Jesus) and Chohan of the 6 Golden Ruby Ray, Ray of Divine Devotion and its symbol and the Rose.

Mary Magdalene and Jesus work together to help Earth and humanity evolve towards Ascension through the path of unconditional love.

Today she is part of the Intergalactic Council, working to bring spirituality into religions in order to help shift consciousness into the fifth dimensional frequency. Your task is to maintain the vision of unified love.

On the advice of Sophia, Mary Magdalene works together with a sisterhood of mothers of light: Isis, Hathor, Maria, Tara, Kuan Yin and White Buffalo Woman, in order to Anchor the Feminine Christ energy in the Earth and Our divine Sovereignty, in order to reestablish the balance of Masculine and Feminine on Earth and thus, We live the new Golden Age of Humanity, the Age of Miracles.

With much love and affection we honor this great Sister who inspires us to be who we truly are: The Divine Source experiencing itself on Earth.

Prayer to Mary Magdalene:

Saint Mary Magdalene, mother of mercy and love, bless us with your light, love, wisdom and protection.

Mary Magdalene, mother savior, supports us on our journey. It helps us to be better and better. May our journey always be on the path of good and unconditional love.

Divine Mother of us all, receive us always in your beloved heart of light.

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Support us in the tasks of this hour with your Divine Light and Wisdom. Support and strengthen us in moments of pain and difficulties.

Give us the Strength, Faith and Hope to follow the path of Good without weakening and fading. Make us children of your Faith and Love. Give Peace, Love and Light to our spirits, so that we may always be better Servants of Light in your house of love.

Mary Magdalene, our mother of pure Love, enlightens our paths so that we no longer return to the paths of ignorance.

Bless us and support us at this moment so that only Love, Charity, Optimism, Compassion, Mercy and Forgiveness flow from our hearts today and always.

Mary Magdalene blesses us and keeps us away from all physical and spiritual harm. May our journey always be by your side, holding in your Divine Hands.

Amen, Amen, Amen!

Prayer received by Clarindo Melchizedek on 12-08-2010 at the Maria Madalena Spiritist Center in Mineiros – Goiás.

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