Hello loved ones!

On 12/10 I started the trip with a group to serve Mãe Gaia. I received the call along with 3 other brothers of light, to travel to 2 points to support the work of 12/21, but this time not in Uluru, but in Limen Park – The Lost Cities NT, a week before the event of Great event and working on the anchoring of the columns of light in this place to support the others anchored around the world by other brothers of light and prepare us to be in the purest light in the planetary alignment of the 21/12th

We meditate every day from 3 to 4 hours, in this beautiful park and pure energy, a sacred place for the aborigines, with hills formed by sand, quartz and silica, which look like Elders and protectors of Gaia, the ground shines like constellations, due to the amount of Silica and Quartz, it seems that everything has glitter.

We were given a gift to be in the empty park, at the Butterflies camping, it was just us, no kind of technology worked, it was just us, A Fonte Divina and Mãe Gaia. At the entrance to the Park we were greeted by a Gray White Buffalo, as well as the White Buffalo Woman who had given us the message that she would be waiting for us on the parquet to work together.

All the Ceremonies were done in the rain, the weather was perfect and we were in total harmony with Mãe Gaia every day. It rained when we needed it, we had shade when it was really hot, and we took a lot of rain showers, with the feeling of our children having fun with nature.

Day 12/18 We return to the city of Townsville renewed, and with all the necessary initiations to work together with all the brothers for the Globe and Cosmos, in favor of the Ascension of Mother Gaia and all Humanity, involved in a single Christic / Diamond heart.

On 12/20 we went to the second location, on Magnetic Island, where we were guided to do the ceremony on the 21st in Bahia de Arthur, which was another gift, when we got there, we found out that the hotel was next door, and this Bahia was not received visitors, as it is a place where rental cars are prohibited.

We asked Mother Gaia for permission, we were told to start the ceremony at 5:00 am, exactly the same time we started on 1/12 in Uluru.

On 12/21 at 5:00 am everything went according to our instructions. When we finished, the Sun was in a radiant golden glow, with a Rainbow aura around it, we were greeted at Dawn by the light of the Planet Venus, and at the end with the Sun emanating the Golden, white and Rainbow energy, the The love we feel is impossible to explain, but I intend that everyone who reads this message can feel what we feel. The gratitude of being able to serve and experience the calls of the Divine Mother and Father is a great Treasure.

That in 2021, the sense of community becomes even greater, so that together we can rebuild our way of living and receive all this beautiful anchoring of light and balance, between the Divine Feminine and Masculine Christic, and build together the paradise on Earth that begins within our hearts. hearts, and the new Golden Age of Humanity, the Age of Miracles, so announced by Jesus and other Beloved Masters of light.

We are one! With love,

Luciana Tworkoski