Monthly Study

Law of Time

This membership offers its beloved students, meetings based on the sacred and ancestral matrices, which connect us to the harmonious and divine flow of the Universe in a light, fun, loving and practical way.

The aim of this monthly plan is to help its users to Navigate the Natural Time Waves with ease. Offering basic study materials on the Law of Time through Recorded Classes, live online and hybrid (in person and online).

Topics covered:

– Studies and basis for understanding the Law of Time

– Readings of the energy of the day, Enchanted Wave, castles …

– Exercises and practices on time is art, meditations and activations.

– Studies of the Official Books of the Law of Time

– Also included are 15% discounts on Hybrid Events (in person and online) or online on major Natural dates such as Solstices, Equinoxes, Out of Time Day, Galactic Turns …

Come with us to surf on the Natural Time Waves and experience in your daily life the benefits of being in Sync with the Cosmos and all creation.

AUD 33 / Monthly access to all the studies on the platform.

Course duration: Hybrid, Online or live in person + recorded classes with continuous studies.

Material provided to the student for the course: Handouts and Materials in videos and PDFs.

Extra material to have during the course: notebook, pen, a journal, water bottle and food, yoga mat.

Prerequisite: none

Recorded online practices, live and sporadically hybrid and face-to-face meetings.

Entity linked to the course: Course Registered at ABRATH Internationale MYIICT

Monthly Payment

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