Wheels of Holy Shamans x Wheels of the Lemurian Sisterhood

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Today we are going to talk about the Sacred Circles of the Lemurian Sisterhood and the Wheels of Sacred Shamans.

The Sacred Circles are Healing Wheels that last from 2 to 3 hours, to rescue our sacred ancestry, teachings that we have received since the beginning about love, nature, our nature and integrate in the present day in order to bring greater balance of our lives. To understand that in the midst of the rush of everyday life, it’s ok to stop, meet with a circle of women, men or mixed, to energize yourself, feel welcomed, study together, remember old customs and integrate into the whole, material and spiritual, shadow and light, masculine and feminine… On the wheels that facilitate, I bring sacred studies, group energy realignment practices and space for us to share our experiences. I also use Shaman techniques and current techniques to enrich the wheels. We address issues about energy, nature, cosmos, spirituality, ancestry, among others.

I facilitated a biweekly quantum and ancestral study group and energy harmonization wheel called Filhxs de Isis, as it was open to the Sacred Masculine and Feminine.

However, since January I have been facilitating the Sacred Circles of the Lemurian Sisterhood, where I joined the De Amber Wolf network, for those who don’t know her, Amber works with Lee Carroll Who Channels Kryon for 30 years, Kryon and a set of light consciousnesses, that through Lee Carroll and other beloved channelers has been bringing messages of great value, to assist in this time of energetic change and expansion of consciousness, and one of the beautiful works that this consciousness does together with Lee Carroll, and remind us that we are Divine Beings, and how it all started on our beautiful Blue Planet. Amber, along with Lee Carroll, received information from Kryon, about the first Sacred Wheels, made by our Ancestors in Lemuria, and Kryon helped Amber to remember her past life at this time and rescue this advanced knowledge of love, through bringing the re-balance of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, using all this background knowledge from this time, to integrate with our lives today.

We do songs, prayers, dance, studies based on Kryon channels, such as the book Women of Lemuria, in which Amber participated in the development of the book and various subjects, we work on energy balance, and sharing experiences, in a circle, to remember that we are all one, we are all equal before love and God/Goddess. In these circles, due to the need to rescue the Sacred Feminine and its vital importance, as well as the Masculine, I facilitate practically only for women. As I have knowledge in several Quantum and energetic techniques, in each wheel, I intuit contributions from studies or spiritual practices to practice in the group. Once a year, Amber Participates online in Rodas.

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I will reactivate the Filhxs Wheels of Isis from July, where men and women will be able to participate, and some will also be only for the Sacred Feminine, so that together we can build a world with greater balance and compassion. Respecting differences with love and honor.

Starting in July, there will be 1 online Monthly Wheel of the Lemurian Sisterhood and one of the Filhxs of Isis, facilitated on different days in English and in Portuguese. There will also be wheels made in person as soon as it is released we will meet again in larger groups, but I will continue with online Wheels. Some months, if possible, I will do 2 wheels of each at different times, to make it easier for those who cannot participate at a certain time, and thus have another option.

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