Participate on December 21, 2020 to help with the evolution of Mother Earth.

This information is provided by Julia on how to cleanse and meditate so that her energy is added to Uluru ceremonies to coincide with the time of the solstice just after 9:00 pm (Central Time) on 12/21/2020.

Perth time in Western Australia is 1.5 hours apart, so 19:32.

Join like-minded or self-employed spiritual friends. Hope to be in Uluru we leave Perth to drive there on 12/13. I will receive people’s prayers and blessings. Or you can email lisa@11principles.com.au with your blessings, intentions, prayers and love for Mother Earth.

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Dear brothers and sisters 🙏🏽

Please read this entire message carefully.

I have been instructed to provide clarity, for a specific shared intent for the Ceremony on December 21, 2020. This is the intent given directly by the Original Persons, guardians of the Lore. – I’m relaying your words.-

I share this with pure love and energy, in an effort to provide clarity for those who wish to help and contribute positively to the Ceremony, and if you are wondering how you can do that.

Ten years ago, I was informed directly, physically and personally, about this Ceremony, its purpose, the specific intent and the exact date of an Aunt who is directly involved in the Ceremony.

Here is the guidance of the Original Persons directly involved in this Ceremony. We need to listen deeply and respect those who know exactly what is happening and what this Ceremony is for. They have prepared for this Ceremony all their lives. For many, many generations.

These are your words;

We need to be truly focused on a single, focused and specific thought, feeling and intention.

The purpose of this Ceremony is for the Rainbow Serpent to become the Rainbow Bridge, to rise up to connect with the sunlight and go straight into the heart of Mother Earth. Cleansing, energizing and reinvigorating Mother Earth and ushering in a new era of consciousness for Mother and her children.

To be clear, the focus is on Mother Earth, not ourselves.

We need to focus on reinvigorating Mother Earth and raising awareness of her. If this Ceremony is supported by sufficient pure love, energy and support of the specific shared intention, it will succeed.

The by-product of a successful Ceremony will be the new era of consciousness for Mother Earth and her Children. US. We need to ensure that our focus and love is on her, Mother Earth, and on this specific intention.

With a clean body, heart, mind and soul, the intention is:

A pure love for Mother in our heart as we ask to energize Mother Earth’s heart with our love and energy With this pure intention, you can contribute the energy of the Ceremony from wherever you are in such a positive way. You don’t need to be in Uluru. You can do this from afar. And it will make a big difference!! It is the energy that the Ceremony needs to function.

~ Cleaning ~

As directed by the Original Persons. To cleanse the body, heart, mind and soul, the advice is to cleanse with pure water such as waterfalls, ocean, rain, pond, river or stream. You can clean by smoking/smudging your body with eucalyptus leaves, if using eucalyptus leaves it was advised by the original peoples that green eucalyptus spits out oil burning and while you need some green or it burns without enough smoke, and the whole idea is to make smoke, but never to remove leaves from a tree, always just off the ground. Out of respect for the mother, this is the correct way. ♥ You can also smoke/smudge by working with ethically sourced cleaning plants. The Knowledge Keepers (Elders) recommendation is Eucalypt, and also Paperbark and the words I was told are ~ we understand that other people use sage and we want others to be comfortable so please purify in your own way♥White Sage can be used if it works for the individual, since the advice is to “clean with what works for them”, it’s up to the individual to decide. This post is only meant to help you and give advice from Original Peoples I know that you know. Then, after cleansing, Meditation. Meditation with pure intention.

~ When to clean ~

The advice is that cleaning needs to start now and continue cleaning until the next day, there are so many things to clean, including negativity and distractions, a good cleanse will be needed.

~ Meditation ~

Then the advice to be meditating daily, or as much as possible leading up to the ceremony, and to be meditating beforehand, there is no set time to start meditation on December 21st as we are all different individuals hence the amount of time before 9.02 pm to begin Meditation is up to you, allow as much time as it takes to build an intention in our minds. You may need half an hour to an hour of meditation, you need to build the energy to be sent and then send the clear intention to re-energize pure love and energy to the heart of Mother Earth at 9:02 pm at the exact time of the day. Solstice. ~How to send intent~

By sending pure love and revitalizing energy into the Mother’s heart, this energy can be sent through the root of her body and in the song lines, or through the third eye to Uluru, to join the Ceremony’s energies. Whichever way people find it, it’s the right way to send the energy. As long as the energy and intent is there by 9:02 pm on December 21st, it shouldn’t matter how you get there.

The intention is pure love to invigorate and re-energize the mother’s heart. It’s simple. Beautiful. Powerful. Your help is important. Your help is needed. Necessary for this Ceremony to function. That’s why you’ve incarnated now, to help ensure this Ceremony is a success. It’s for her. We do not. Although we can benefit positively in the process. Keep a Leisure as a focus focused on intent.

~ A pure love for Mother in our heart as we ask to energize Mother Earth’s heart ~

That’s what you can do. The rest is being taken care of by the land’s original caretakers. Please share this message far and wide. And please keep the focus on the intention.

Much Light and Blessings.