Portal 11:11

This week we are tuning into a very powerful portal, the Ascension Portal of Christ energy, balancing the Sacred Divine Masculine and the Sacred Divine Feminine. Awakening within us our purest essence, the Christ who dwells within our hearts.

It reminds us that we are angels walking on Earth, and for that, it is time to deliver to the streams of the blessed waters everything that is not part of our Human and Divine essence.

Leave the traumas, fears and shames of the past, which hold us in vibrations that do not match the light we are.

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Everything we experience has transformed us into who we are today, each experience, choice and detail, even if in our eyes they were not the best choices, they were always experiences that taught us and prepared us to be who we are today and we don’t need to be ashamed. them, and yes, honoring them, resignifying them and involving them in love in compassion to be transformed into experience and light. And raising our consciousness, we recognize that we are responsible for everything we live, we can make new choices and live in the essence that we came to live here. Being Angels of light, experiencing material creation.

We were not created to suffer and perish, this was the result of the choices we made according to the law of our free will, and we are now awakening to remember that we all deserve the best, the most beautiful experiences, and the universe what we vibrate comes from.

Imagine if you and I and others around us choose to remember this? and Today on this very special day, dedicate a Sacred moment to remember the light that I am? If there are several in the world doing this? We will make a great current of light, and we will spread this truth to all corners of the Earth and also to the Cosmos. Heaven on Earth begins within our hearts, and so, vibrating in this intention, We Materialize on Earth.

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Imagine yourself as a child reborn like a phoenix from the ashes, transforming every wound into love, and resurrecting yourself Sovereign, joyful and innocent, overflowing with love and compassion. Feel your Christ Essence, which is your true Self, reflect in your entire being, and show all the potentials and light that you have to present yourself and others around you, Mother Gaia who is one with us, Feel one in purest love with all creation and hold that state of Grace abiding within your heart. and So together, like the great Rainbow Tribe, around in golden and diamond light, we will build together, the new Golden Age, the Age of Miracles. We Are Light, We Are Love, We Are Human and Divine, Shadow and Light, Angels Walking the Earth.


Luciana Tworkoski ✨

You can Include crystals that connect us with higher Realms, with golden ray like pyrite and Angelic crystals. 💗✨