Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle


Join us to the Lemurian Sacred Circle.

The Lemurian Sisterhood Circles are an invitation to activate your
Lemurian DNA, reawaken your Divine Feminine Essence and be initiated
into The Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisters.

Within the Sacred Circle we touch our connection with ancient Lemurian wisdom and knowledge where many of us lived together as healers, priestesses and empowered women. We will prepare an altar – just like we did those many lifetimes ago – establishing a central focus for our energy and prayers. Together we will journey to the Days of Lemuria; where we came together for healing, rejuvenation, and support, when we were honored as an integral part of a spiritually aware society.
This important role held by the Lemurian women helped create balance with the Divine Masculine of the Lemurian men and ensured continuing peace and harmony for thousands of years.

According to Kryon, the power to transform the world is in the compassion and lightness of the Feminine.

There is a saying that, “If women ran the world, they would never send their children to the battlefield.” This becomes the definition of “mother energy.” Let me give you another saying. “If the world is balanced male and female, then Humans would never send their children to the battlefield.”

Kryon live channelling “The Recalibration of Wisdom” given in Lima, Peru – November 27, 2011

Join with women who are called to honor their Divine Feminine Essence and recreate Circles of Healing that connect with women all over the world. Become initiated in the holographic energy and morphic fields of the Lemurian Sisters – a field of energy that connects all women as Sacred Sisters that ever existed, exist now and are yet to exist.
The Sacred Divine Feminine is invoked and ignited as the women in the circle pray, meditate and chant together. The Lemurian Sisters support and expand the circles as women give themselves permission to feel and know that they are powerful … they are beautiful … and they are PERFECT. We are Sisters together in the greatest awakening of our Age and together we are supporting each other as we create a balanced planet and plant the seeds of peace on Mother Earth – Gaia.

The circles are monthly, online or in person on the Gold Coast*
Price: On-line USD 22*

Topics we cover

  • Study of specific Kryon teachings for the Lemurian Brotherhood.
  • Studies of Star Mother teachings received by High Priest Mele`ha
  • Meditation with the Star Mothers
  • Sacred Feminine Practices received by the Star Mothers
  • Integration studies of the Ancestral Studies of the Sacred Feminine and practical use today.
  • Experiences with Lemurian teaching wheels

For those who don’t know Kryon and Amber Wolf:

Amber Wolf, PhD, is the creator and facilitator of the Lemurian Fellowship Seminars. Amber has a sacred task to help awaken all Sisters to the key Lemurian seeds within their DNA. Her personal initiation into the Lemurian Brotherhood took place on 9/9/11. On 10/10/11, she received a strong recommendation from Lee Carroll to recreate the ancient Lemurian sacred ceremony. The Lemurian Brotherhood Seminar premiered on 11/11/11 in Argentina, South America.

Over 30 years ago, engineer Lee Carroll began to channel a special energy, which he called Kryon. Since then, he has published 15 books in more than 20 languages ​​and has channeled the “being of light” seven times at the United Nations. According to Lee, Kryon is an angelic being. He likes to see his energy, which is very much like the love of God. This is how he feels when he is channeling. Kryon is part of the entourage, the divine family that is with them all the time. It says that it cannot refer to it as an entity that belongs to it, because it is not so. When we look at the angels that exist, like Archangel Michael, we understand that that energy belongs to the Earth. With Kryon it’s the same thing. The messages are of love and compassion and are all positive.

AUD 25/Monthly

Course time: 2 hours. In person or online.

Extra material to have during the course: journal to jot down insights, bottle of water Material to work on after the course: journal

Entity linked to the course: Course registered with MY IICT

Only Sacred Feminine

**Monthly access to the platform.


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