Sacred Circles

The Sacred Circles Sisterhood provides the understanding that each woman is unique and carries within herself the flame of the Goddess, regardless of her class position, race, education or age group.

Rainbow Flower Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles for Men & Women

We are studying Ascension and practices that were born with Mother Isis’ blessing in 2019. Today we tread paths on the Rainbow Wheel, focused on the Studies of the 7 Rays, practices and Ceremonies, where each of the rays will show us the challenges and how to transcend them until we return to our pure Light essence.

When we remember that we are Light, we light up and experience the Earth through love. And thus help other brothers and sisters to tread this same path. Our brothers and bistres from Telos, Lemurians and all the star fraternities that have helped to light up the Earth have kept these flames alive, throughout all our time on the Earth in the darkness, and the call now is that we join together, remember and maintain the flames alive with them, to bring God’s rainbow on earth. If we forget it, it fades and we fall into the dark.

Mary Magdalene and Master St. Germain, went to central sun, together with several light fraternities, people from Venus included, united and built Shambala and Telos to help rescue the Earth and keep on feeding the Light until our people have the strength to do the same. Since 2012 we have awoken our hearts and we are called to join forces with our beloved Light Family.

That is why we call you to tread this path with us, the more people that tread the Path of Illumination through the Seven Rays, the faster the Illumination process of the Planet will be.

We will cross the bridge first and open the way for others to do the same. We will review the book by Aurelia Louise Jones called The Seven Sacred Flames and other amazing books to support our Journey. Are you ready to tread this Path of Love, Light and Ascension with us?

PRICE: AUS 25,00/Monthly

Course duration: 1.5 to 2 hours in-person, online or hybrid.

Extra material to have during the course: a journal to jot down insights, a water bottle

Material to work on after the course: a journal

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Monthly access to the platform of all recorded materials, plus live classes for the current month.

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Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circles

Join us in the Lemurian Sacred Circle.

The Lemurian Sisterhood Circles are an invitation to activate your Lemurian DNA, awaken your Divine Feminine Essence and be initiated into the Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisters, with beautiful channelings and teachings from the Star Mothers.

Within the Sacred Circle, we tap into our connection with the ancient Lemurian wisdom and knowledge, where many of us lived together as healers, priestesses and empowered women.

We will prepare an altar – just as we did many lifetimes ago – setting a central focus for our energy and prayers. Together, we will journey to the Days of Lemuria; where we gathered for healing, rejuvenating and supporting one another, when we were honoured as an integral part of a spiritually conscious society.

This important role played by the Lemurian women helped to create balance with the Divine Masculine of the Lemurian men and ensured continued peace and harmony for thousands of years. According to Kryon, the power to transform the world lies in the compassion and lightness of the Feminine. There is a saying that goes “If women ruled the world, they would never send their children to the battlefield”.

That becomes the definition of “mother energy”. Let me give you another saying. “If the world is balanced male and female, then humans would never send their children to the battlefield.” Kryon channeling live “The Recalibration of Wisdom” given in Lima, Peru – 27th November 2011 Join women who are called to honor their Divine Feminine Essence and recreate Healing Circles which connect to women from all over the world. Become initiated in the holographic energy and the morphic fields of the Lemurian Sisters – a field of energy that connects all women as Sacred Sisters who have existed before, exists now and who haven’t yet.

The Divine Feminine Sacred is invoked and lit up as the women of the circle pray, meditate and sing together. The Lemurian Sisters support and expand the circles as women give themselves permission to feel and know that they are powerful… they are beautiful.. and they are PERFECT. We are Sisters together in the greatest awakening of our Age and together we are supporting each other as we create a balanced planet and sow the seeds of peace on Mother Earth – Gaia.

🔹The circles are monthly, online or in-person on the Gold Coast *

Topics we cover

– Study of Kryon’s specific teachings for the Lemurian Brotherhood.
– Study of the teachings of Star Mother received by High Priest Mele`ha – Meditation with the Star Mothers
– Sacred Feminine Practices received by the Star Mothers
– Study of integration of Ancestral Studies of the Sacred Feminine and practical use in the present day.
– Experiences with Lemurian teaching wheels

For those who don’t know Kryon and Amber Wolf:

Amber Wolf, PhD, is the creator and facilitator of the Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars. Amber has a sacred task to help awaken all Sisters to the main Lemurian seeds within their DNA. Her personal initiation into the Lemurian Sisterhood occurred on 9/9/11. On 10/10/11, she received a strong recommendation from Lee Carroll to recreate the ancient Lemurian sacred ceremony. The Lemurian Sisterhood Seminar premiered on 11/11/11 in Argentina, South America.

For over 30 years, engineer Lee Carroll has channeled a special energy, which he dubbed Kryon. Since then, he has published 15 books in over 20 languages and has channeled the “Light Being” seven times at the United Nations. According to Lee, Kryon is an angelic being. He likes to see his energy, which is very much like the love of God. That is how he feels when he is channeling. Kryon is part of the entourage, the divine family that have been with them all the time. He says he cannot refer to him as an entity that belongs to him, because it is not so. When we look at the angels that exist, such as Archangel Michael, we understand that that energy belongs to Earth. It’s the same with Kryon. The messages are of love and compassion and are all positive.

PRICE: AUS 25,00/Monthly

Course duration: 2 hours. Face-to-face, online, hybrid.

Additional material to have during the course: journal to note insights, water bottle

Material to work with after the course: journal

Entity linked to the course: Course registered with MYIICT and ABRATH INTERNATIONAL

*Open only to women**Monthly access to the platform of all recorded studies + live classes.

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Mothers & Children Sacred Circles

We offer Sacred Circles of support for mothers and their children, with monthly meetings that can be with the children, with the whole family or just for the mothers.

One day retreats, weekend retreats, sacred circles for empowerment of mothers and women who feel called to join us. With the intention of creating a village of light, a support network. As the African proverb goes: It takes a whole village to raise a child. Our intention is to make this proverb a reality, and create a safe space for sharing, receiving and nourishing for the mothers and the whole family.

Rainbow and its partners believe that children are the key to anchoring Heaven on Earth, and for this, for them to grow and live their full potential on Earth, families and children need the support and love of the whole community.

PRICE: AUS 25,00/Monthly

Course duration: 1.5-2 hours, in-person, online or hybrid.

Additional materials for meetings: notebook to jot down insights, water bottle.

For Retreats and Ceremonies, check our events page on the website.

Entity linked to the course: Course registered with MYIICT & ABRATH.

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