Rituals, Ceremonies and Purpose Travels

Bringing the Power of Rituals and Ceremonies to celebrate the Sacredness of life and service to Gaia.

At Rainbow Flower Academy, in addition to courses, Sacred Circles, workshops and studies of important books for the Awakening of the New Golden Age of Humanity, we also work with purpose trips and ceremonies.

Founder Luciana Tworkoski is trained in Blessing ceremonies and rituals, Baptisms, Sacred Feminine Rituals, Weddings and Rites of Passage.

We offer Sacred Cacao ceremonies, in order to awaken our Sovereignty and power of the Heart through this powerful tool of enlightenment.

Ceremonies also take place on Sacred Natural dates, such as Portals, Solstices, Equinoxes, Lunacoes, Day Out of Time, either online or in person, to help everyone to nourish and enlighten themselves on true natural holidays, so that we can increasingly live in unity with nature and Natural Time, uniting our Humanity and Divinity, and awakening the God and Goddess that dwells in us and so we also work together in love and service for humanity and Mother Gaia.

Another important work of the Academy is the purpose trips. Luciana Tworkoski brings the mission to those who feel the call to join these trips, to work on behalf of Mother Gaia in Sacred places where she receives the call to take work groups. Within these works we travel to Sacred sites within and outside of Australia to do ceremonies and light works.

Annually in the spring season in the Southern Hemisphere, trips to attune with the Essence of Unconditional Love and Whale Light Codes take place in the Harvey Bay Region.

If you would like to book Rituals with Luciana Tworkoski and Team, or learn more about Purpose ceremonies and travel, please email: contact@rainbowfloweracademy.com

And stay tuned for our event posts on our website, Instagram and facebook.

With gratitude and love,


Rainbow Flower Academy team.