Book Club – Clube do Livro Ciclo Kryon PT (Semanal Online)

clube livro

SEGUNDAS – 19:30 às 21:30 – BRASIL
SEGUNDAS – 22:30 às 00:30 – PORTUGAL
TERÇAS – 08:30 às 10:30 – QLD, AUSTRALIA

The Book Club is a weekly study that began in 2019 and has taken place weekly since then in the period of 1h and 30 minutes, where we approach important books, to deepen our studies and understanding of the New Age,

This year the focus of the studies will be the Kryon books, starting with Women of Lemuria, and every meeting we will do an anchoring meditation of learning and comments on reading the book, it is not necessary to have the books.

  • Time : 08:30 - 10:30 (Australia/Brisbane)
  • Venue : Online


Luciana Tworkoski

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