akashic september

21 & 22/09/23 – 17:00 to 23:00 – QLD AU THIRSDAY & FRIDAY

The role of the Akashic Records is to provide spiritual information and truths to the person requesting the reading, for expanded consciousness and Spiritual Awakening. During the process of “opening” the Records, we learn to look within our Essence for the tools we need to live our experiences, we learn to get to know ourselves better and to be more aware of our choices, we deeply remember that we are infinite Multidimensional Beings living a earthly experience, and how we can work with our Karma, choose forms of learning based on love and use innate tools to live the Earthly Experience vibrating your Divinity.

In this course you will learn to read individuals, collectives and environments, and how through decrees and clear intentions we can make corrections in the field to strengthen harmony and wellbeing. Join us on this adventure!

What will you learn:

  • How to read akashic for people and environments
  • How to guide someone to access their own files
  • How to communicate with your guides and hierarchy of light, higher self through akashic records readings
  • Decrees for individual, group and environment cleansing and harmonizing
  • How to discover your soul essence
  • How to discover your connection with the Star Families
  • Difference between Soul Quest and Fragments of Previous Experiences
  • How to do a Radiesthetic Reading of distortions of an individual, group and environments and techniques on how to balance what was researched
  • How to do a Reading and energy balance of other living beings. The connection of our Akashic Records to the 12 strands of DNA.

You also have access to an Online course, live classes, lifetime material in the Plataformonas, certificate recognized internationally, RFA mentoring.

Psionic Table Channeled by Luciana Tworkoski at 01/08/21 at 8:08 A.M. Australian time, with Carlos Leiton’s design support.

Message received from the Elder Whale Council on 18/08/21:

“The Portal works with the whale’s pulsar codes in union with the Light Columns and the Dragon Lines of the Earth. It is intended to activate the codes of light of your Inner Christ Vibrational Essence and thus awaken your Pentadimensional Diamond Heart, establishing the awakening and the energy harmonization of all your relations: with yourself, with all beings, with the Earth, with your Star Identity, with your Human and Divine Essence.

Activating the light codes with lightness and naturalness connecting you with the All, with the Living Earth Library, with the Earth Networks, with the Whale Song Lines, with Mother Gaia’s Flower of Life, working for the collective by Restoring the unity of the Being with our beloved blue planet and Solar System, and thus with the entire Cosmos and helping in the return of the tunning with the Cities of light and Fifth-Dimensional frequency Brotherhoods that inhabit Mother Gaia with us.

This tool helps to clear your mission with the collective, with a deeper feeling of love and telepathic development. Universal Love, Compassion, Telepathy are the key to restoring on Earth and in the Galaxy, living the Now with fullness. We will work with the columns through a double Octahedron and 11 light symbols that are mantrated and activated 3 times connecting with the essence of the pulsar lines of the Earth of the number of Christic activation 33. We will work with the energy of the Divine Presence I Am, the Pleiadian Mothers, Stellar Brotherhoods, Whales, Dolphins and Dragons, Sacred Geometry, Symbols and Light Language, in union with the light columns of our beloved Gaia, for the collective’s assistance, and our awakening to the path of illumination and Ascension.”

  • Date : 21 September 2023 - 22 September 2023
  • Time : 17:00 - 23:00 (Australia/Brisbane)
  • Venue : Shop 8/1 Corporation drive Ashmore, Australia


Luciana Tworkoski

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