Women’s Sacred Circle Facilitators

In this beautiful journey, we developed a script that allows the awakening of the ancestral memory of women to their true power and the necessary self-knowledge to become a multiplier of a new form of Leadership, uniting ancestral and Stellar knowledge. Indicated to help, develop, guide women in real life, in a practical and effective way, using experiences, exercises and we will, step by step, study together various ancestral and current techniques, to lead sacred circles with love and excellence. 

Aimed at women who work with women’s development, indicated to help, develop, guide women in real life, in a practical and effective way, this program uses archetypal and energetic language, to generate a new vision of themselves and the world, focusing on feminine qualities and values.

Classes will be opened only for women who wish to work on the healing of the sacred feminine and balance of the Masculine.

We provide amazing, complete materials for you who want to be a guardian of the sacred feminine and minister your own sacred wheels.

*Exclusive Rainbow Flower Academy course.

USD 555,00

Course time: 7 2-hour meetings live online + Monitoring
+ Practices and recorded classes.

Material provided to the student for the course: Handout and certificate in PDF.

Extra material to have during the course: Pendulum, notebook, pen and diary, water bottle and food.

Material to work on after the course: optional sacred diary, drum, prayer box, shamanic pipe, maraca, herbs, crystals, talking stick, crystals, yokes for the circle, and materials you feel.

Bonus: Workshop 13 Elders + 6 months of the Rainbow Wheel.

Prerequisite: none

Practices before the course: Week before the course, eat light foods, drink plenty of water, meditate.

Entity linked to the course: Course registered with Reiki and MYIICT.

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Buy This Course Now